If you have the season pass, carry out the shoulin shuffle kantana strat in zombies. If girlfriend just have spaceland, do the m1 + wind main point element and also camp at the slides till round 36 - for about 28-30 keys.

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I perform the Transponder Glitch in rave, I have a double Papped KBS by ring 11 or so, then simply chill till ring 40 or so

LoL, all these males telling you to grind zombie assuming you're zombie player.

If you're not, don't even shot unless you're paired up v an skilled buddy.

In Multiplayer, dominance is the best method to knife keys. Kill confirmed being second.

On mean you will earn around 20 secrets per hour playing Domination and anywhere indigenous 28-30 per hour in zombies just because there room no interruptions in zombie whereas there are intermissions in MP.

I hope this helps.

If girlfriend don't have the season happen the an approach in Zombies for ZiS is time based... Pat approx. 25 minutes acquiring through ring as quick as possible. Should have the ability to make it to the 3rd clown round (around 18-20?). Quit, rinse and repeat. You can get around 15 keys for 25/30 minutes of playtime.

Otherwise yeah, supremacy is the best time/keys multiplayer mode.

He did say the best means in IW. Zombies rewards much better for less time. I have a friend that isn't good at zombie by any way but still offers it to gain keys. Add to the bounties always give 30-90 secrets for one of them.


As of ideal now, the alien ceo fight. Use reaver v the aimbot sights and also the shredder. Spawn in and also watch the teleporter. He spawns there and also you just unload on him till that teleports. Begin training while additionally shooting him and also melee his earlier pack as soon as he go down. 2nd down kills him after that. Without any kind of special cards I've been able to perform it in around 4 min. Provides you at the very least 9 secrets every time.

If you can do Shaolin's egg, the katana makes round 40 runs easy. I obtain round 40 just about every time, and also if you pair it through a double pap nunchuk (don't need the egg for that) that makes hitting the 30s easy, feasible 40s. Even solo (I pat solo).

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