Super Mario Run is a pretty fun adaptation of a classical Nintenperform character onto a mobile platcreate, however tright here are some obscure rules and also tucked-ameans features the game doesn"t explain outright. One such example is the mystery of how to attain Toads of miscellaneous colors that act as a type of money as soon as you want to develop new frameworks for your Mushroom Kingdom — favor the ones you should unlock several different characters.

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Here"s just how to earn eexceptionally single color Toad in the game. If you"re in search of a more comprehensive walkvia, check out our ultimate guide to beating World 1.

How to acquire different colored Toads in Super Mario Run

Before we gain into the specifics of earning each type of Toad, let"s talk initially about collecting Toads even more generally.

To earn Toads, play via the Toad Rally mode, in which you complete against other players, earning Toads if you regulate to pull of a more stylish run than your opponent.

The kinds of Toads you earn through Toad Rally depend on the stage you pick. You"ll recognize what types of Toads you deserve to earn based on the icons on each stage.


"Super Mario Run" screenshotNintendo

In the instance above, going up against "Luisote" will yield blue, purple, red, green and also yellow Toads, however going up against "Masterprough" will only yield red and green. If you"re after a particular form, store your eye on those icons and only play versus opponents that will yield the Toads you require.

How to obtain purple and also green Toads in Super Mario Run

The forms of Toads you have the right to earn depfinish on the development you"ve made in the major Tour mode. Once you finish the first world in Tour mode — the initially 4 stages — you"ll see a notification that new levels have actually been added to the Rally mode.

Once you get this notice, you should check out Rally levels with purple and also green Toad symbols.

How to obtain blue and yellow Toads in Super Mario Run

Once you beat the second people, you must obtain another notification that even more steras have actually been included to Rally. You have to now check out levels in the Rally mode that yield blue and yellow Toads.

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