This is our guide to the Festival of the lost 2019 event in Destiny 2, including all new weapons, the Haunted Forest, and more.

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The fear Story is a brand new weapon for Destiny 2 players, but it"s only accessible to knife while the Festival the the shed runs top top until early November. In this Destiny 2 fear Story guide, we"ll it is in walking you with how come earn fragmented Souls quickly, for this reason you have the right to grind your means to the brand-new weapon as conveniently as possible.

If you instead need any added information top top the recurring Halloween event in Bungie’s FPS, you’ll want to head end to ours Destiny 2 Festival that the lost guide. It’s top top this main page the you can uncover all the details you need around all the brand-new gear easily accessible through the event, and how to get started through the new horde mode, discovered in the Haunted Forest.

Destiny 2 horror Story Auto Rifle

When you next jump into Destiny 2, you’ll discover that The Tower has actually been redone in a Halloween theme. Head end to Amanda Holliday come kick turn off the Festival that the shed quest line, which will certainly firstly have you perfect two lost Sectors top top Io.


After this, Holliday will certainly assign you one more quest in the Haunted Forest, i m sorry you should undertake when wearing among the brand-new masks easily accessible in the festival. Complete this, and when you return to Amanda in The Tower, you’ll watch that the fear Story auto rifle is on revenue from the delivery vendor, because that the small price the 120 fragmentized Souls.


Earning every these fragmented Souls is no tiny feat. Just below, we’ve compiled a perform of some of the Bounties you have the right to accept indigenous Holliday, i m sorry will significantly speed increase the price at i m sorry you earn the broke up Souls.

Forest Clearing - loss 15 enemies in the Haunted forest with grenades.Forest Fire - defeat 50 enemies in the Haunted forest with auto rifles.Masked chaos - defeat 15 Guardians in the Crucible while wearing a Festival the the lost mask.Masked strike - finish a Strike if wearing a Festival of the shed mask.Masked Intentions - finish a Gambit match while wearing a Festival that the lost mask.

Finally, there’s the ‘Bounteous Festival’ Weekly Bounty i m sorry you have the right to undertake native Holliday. This rewards you through 40 fragmentized Souls, yet to achieve this Weekly Bounty, you’ll need to rise and also repeat the Bounties we’ve provided above, a full of 15 times.


Destiny 2 fear Story Stats

Just below, you can check out the stats the the horror Story. It’s absolutely one the the main enhancements of the Festival that the lost event, and if the grind is anything to go by, it’ll be a an effective weapon.


But, the horror Story isn"t the only new addition come Bungie"s FPS in the Festival of the lost event. For a complete walkthrough of a brand brand-new quest, head over to our Destiny 2 lost Cryptarch guide.

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