The take away King employs a clever progression system for irradiate Score which provides it impossible to leap straight to the highest possible levels together was possible in various other DLC. This time, players need to carefully ascend the light ladder to the maximum level. In this write-up I"ll describe the best method to do this and also hopefully administer a clearer snapshot for the end-game light calculation.Important: one of the crucial rules is to ensure that you equip your highest possible Light gear before decoding any engrams or packages. All brand-new rewards space calculated based upon your current score; even if it is you favor those weapons and armour or not is irrelevant, simply make sure they"re equipped beforehand.Ok an initial up, let"s take it a look at the best score and also how to acquire there…

300 irradiate Score

The new maximum irradiate score in The taken King is 300 (outside that the Raid); taken as the average Light throughout all of your equipped equipment (both weapons and armour). Simply include up the Light because that all your gear and divide by 9 (4 weapons and 5 armour) come reach her Light Score. Take note that the last value is rounded up, which also comes right into play later on as well.As you progress closer to 300, small changes in your equipment will only push friend an customs closer to your goal. So even though you start by boosting your Light relatively quickly, it gradually slows down with the final 10 or so compelled to reach 300 gift the most painful.Reaching the best level the 300 (without Raid items) calls for that you obtain a 300 irradiate item in every perform slot.

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Methods for Light 240+

In the beginning, gaining Light is just a situation of detect Blue or violet engrams and also decoding these from the Cyptarch for the corresponding armour piece. The new piece is calculated based upon your current stats. It"s as such a good tactic to exchange an engram and also equip the brand-new piece prior to exchange the next one - hence helping you ascend an ext quickly.As quickly as you obtain gear v a greater Light value, immediately equip it and dismantle the enlarge piece.Avoid purchasing gearI strongly indicate you prevent buying any gear for now. Blues will flood in during the pre 260 irradiate phase and also it"s no worth worrying around a Legendary just yet. Instead, it"s far much more important to conserve the marks for later and then buy into an area whereby you absence Light (usually the Ghost shell).Avoid Infusing anything yetAlthough there"s a details temptation to infuse your legendary gear, stop this because that now. You"ll find that Blue gear can conveniently outrank purples quite conveniently at this stage, and you need to concentrate on grinding much more blues instead.The only time to rest this rule is if you uncover a 270+ legendary (which will certainly be an extremely rare considering your present Light Score). Various other Legendary items can either be maintained to the side or dismantled because that 3 legend Marks (or 5 of you level increase the gear first using Motes).Blue Engrams
Once you with 260, it"s time to endeavor into the Heroic Playlist because that guaranteed legend engrams and Legendary Marks. These room capped top top a weekly basis yet you"ll still acquire a heap the blues along the way too.Also save your eye the end for Xur at the weekend. Purchasing new exotic items, also if you don"t desire them or they"re no your class, will enable you to infuse your means up the ladder relatively quickly. All Year 2 exotic weapons and armour will have a irradiate stat the 280.If you uncover things room slowing down, do a judgement call and consider switching back to the Level 36 strikes or also bail the end of a "sticky" strike altogether. The an essential at this stage is efficiency, therefore if something"s acquisition too lengthy then move it up.Repeat this process for about 3-4 hrs until you reach a light Score that 270-280.

Methods to with 290+

Now the fun really begins and also it"s time to consider Infusing items to boost their light Score. Hope you have to have got a nice collection of legend weapons and armour that you"re happy with? an excellent perks, stats etc..You should likewise have a ridge of marks available to start Infusing gear? mine advice in ~ this phase is to proceed playing the Heroic Playlist but likewise mix in Court that Oryx at the Dreadnaught.The high level bosses from Court of Oryx space a quick and also dirty way to get good loot - i beg your pardon can quickly include lot of blues and the odd violet engram. Acquire yourself a stash of Runes and also a an excellent Fireteam to farm yard the hell that of the Court for a faster method of ceo loot.Many much more blue engrams will certainly drop and the light Score of these engrams will even surpass the 290 mark on chance (I"ve watched a couple of rare 295"s). Take these high ranking Blue"s and Infuse them into your desired Purple equipment at the cost of 3 marks. Slowly and surely you"ll drift towards that 300 mark.The Infuse procedure only preserves around 80% that the difference in irradiate Score, however this is the only method to increase Purple equipment vs equipping Blues. Together you technique the greater scores e.g.

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290+ the Infuse technique will only notch increase the gear by a solitary value or two, but take note of the round off up which functions in your favour. It"s a slow process towards the end yet stick at it and also you"ll creep every of your items in the direction of the 300 mark, thus improving your as whole Light Score.Until the Raid i do not care an option, this is your wanted route come 300.