Multiple personalities - conserve tips?

» Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:33 am

anyone got any type of tips on how to differentiate between characters without having to manually flip v every solitary last conserve file? ns was *hoping* that they"d execute something like exactly how Dragon age 2 did it with a list of characters and then a list of saves for each but nope. :/ So currently my dilemma of trying to play another character is finding my other ones once I desire to play say, mine 2h orc warrior after trying something new.I"m top top the computer btw. No to start a platform war, but someone suggested on one more forum(did a Google find on this very first and discovered *nothing* pc related) come save records on thumb drives because that the Xbox... However I"m not sure just how I could do that on the computer unless I"m manually relocating folders of saves around every time i feel choose playing something else.I concerned you, five mighty community, for aid in this an excellent and mighty difficulty of annoyance.BTW, Bethesda, i love you guys however the way you taken on save documents this time roughly is atrocious. Sorry.

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» Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:09 am

At first I assumed you to be on the console. Ns was going to suggest using a ignorance Drive and/or the Cloud conserve feature. Being on the pc is not an problem for save documents at all. I just develop a different folder for other characters and only copy end the one I want to play to the Skyrim Save gamings folder...problem solved...
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At first I thought you to be on the console. Ns was walk to imply using a ignorance Drive and/or the Cloud conserve feature.Being on the computer is no an issue for save files at all. I just create a different folder for other characters and also only copy end the one I want to play to the Skyrim Save games folder...problem solved...
Urg. Annoying.Thumb cd driver on the Xbox are less annoying imo. Digging right into folders = teh svck. Especially since I deserve to never remember once I need/want to where heavy steam installed and also put mine game. ( i come indigenous the work were everything installed in the "Program Files" folder in it"s own separate folder and also I didn"t need to dig with a third party folder to find my game files.. My bad Bethesda Softworks folder currently only has Morrowind and also Oblivion in the
)Thanks though! I"ll job-related on it in the morning (after 1 am).
you don"t have to enter the regime files. It"s in the documents.Just walk to...Documents / My gamings / Skyrim.There friend will uncover the folder "Saves".Just create a brand-new folder because that each character and keep castle in...Documents / My games Then when you desire to play the character, just reduced their folder"s contents and paste it in...Documents / My games / Skyrim / Saves.When you room done with them and want to play another, just cut the list from the "Saves" folder and paste it earlier their designated folder.

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Simple. Carry down the console and also type:

savegame "Sakiri the Omnipotent"Do the for each of her characters.
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