is her personalised page that others can use come send you money.You deserve to use a connect for an individual use or for organization to request, collect and receive payments from other users. Your usage of the company is subject to this Terms and also Conditions, the regards to the User Agreement, Acceptable use Policy, Privacy Statement, and all various other agreements in ar or enacted in between you and (collectively, the "Agreements").

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Sharing of your information

Your web page will screen your name or business name, profile snapshot or logo and the suburb associated with her account. This will be visible to everyone visiting your page and will help others recognise and also transact v you.Other users may be presented your attach if lock sync their attend to book and you"re provided among your contacts, or if they attempt to send girlfriend money v by trying to find your name, service name or link.You can hide her details by transforming off her connect at any time in your settings. As soon as turned off, your web page will not be publicly visible or findable so friend won"t be able to receive money with it.

Use the

When you authorize up for the organization and collection up a PPM Link, you will be asked come specify even if it is the main use of her PPM attach will be transacting with friends and also family ("Personal" use) or receiving payment from customers because that goods and also services ("Commercial" use). When you deserve to reclassify a personal PPM attach for advertising use and also may be able to reclassify particular commercial PPM web links as personal, you CANNOT use A personal PPM attach TO receive PAYMENTS for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, NOR have the right to YOU usage A commercial PPM attach FOR an individual TRANSACTIONS.If you have actually a business account, any and all PPM Links connected with the account will certainly be figured out as advertising PPM Links. If determines, in ~ our single discretion, the you"ve got payments because that goods and services top top a personal PPM Link, we may retroactively charge you the ideal fees and prospectively reclassify the PPM connect as commercial. Please evaluation the User agreement for information on exactly how fees room assessed.

Prohibited activities

To help keep a safe place to transact, the following activities are prohibited once using have to not disclose your account password or other credentials to any type of other human or usage a account on i m sorry you space not a called authorised user.You must not connect in any kind of activity, post any content or develop a link that:

is offensive, abusive, defamatory, threaten or obscene;is illegal or to plan to promote or commit an illegal act, consisting of violations of intellectual property rights, privacy civil liberties or proprietary rights of or any third party;includes her password or PIN, or purposely contains someone else"s password, pen or personal data, or is intended come solicit such data;misleads or deceives, or is likely to mislead or deceive, others regarding your identity or affiliation with one more person or organisation; orbreaches any kind of of your duties under the User covenant or any of its incorporated policies.

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If we reasonably think you have actually breached this Terms and Conditions or otherwise attitude an i can not accept level of risk to the integrity, defense or dependability of us or our systems, we may suspend her attach and/or account at any time. We may at any kind of time, however acting reasonably, need you to rename your to make reservation the appropriate to upgrade these terms and also conditions in ~ our single discretion, for any kind of reason, by posting an updated variation of this terms and conditions in ~ To update Terms and Conditions will be reliable as of the day of posting and your continued use of any kind of attach will constitute your acceptance of the update Terms.