K-drama and K-pop are influencing the youth across the globe. With their OTT however wearable street style and cool hair colors, we space loving K-pop fashion! So here we are with some cool principles on exactly how to dress like a K-pop star.

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How to Dress like a K-pop Star

In the so late 2000s, K-pop made an impact on many music lovers about the world and created a revolution in popular music culture. The millennials and also Gen Z who follow K-pop room expressing their interest in finding out the korean culture, fashion, and also cuisine. Now K-pop has end up being a worldwide sensation.

Not only for the music industry, but at this time K-pop is also central to other sectors like fashion and also cosmetics too. Native street layout to phase performances, K-pop fashion never stops working to amaze us. Their color-blocking outfits, exclusive hair accessories, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, and sporty fashion make them was standing out.

Are you a K-pop/K-drama fan? check out the short article to obtain the can be fried K-pop style.

Basic korean Fashion Essentials

Before diving into exactly how to dress like a K-pop star, allows talk a bit about the basic fashion apparel that make up their wardrobes. Pullovers, sweatshirts, wide-leg pants, T-shirts over strappy dresses, denim warm pants, and also ripped jeans room the staple korean fashion. Koreans love pastel colors because they make them feeling young and are pleasing to the eye. So shot to fill her wardrobe v pastel colour as lot as possible. Soft hues are oriental celebrities’ go-to fashion style.

And once it comes to accessories, masks have end up being one that the far-reaching accessories in Korea because of high contamination in Seoul. Unlike other countries, Koreans stay masks in daily life, so girlfriend can discover adorable mask collection in korean fashion.


BTS’s Map of the spirit Persona album cover

And the most vital one is that korean women room fond of hair accessories favor hair clips, hairpins, headbands, and more so make sure to collection a bunch of hair accessories to dress her hair pretty. K-pop stars love ear-piercings. Lock usually have three or much more piercings, which way it’s important to have a nice collection of earrings, studs, and also ear cuffs.

How come Dress favor a K-pop Star

Now that us have questioned the wardrobe basic you have to collect, let’s go over a few tips that will help you produce the perfect K-pop outfits!

L come R: Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, EDAM’s IU

1. Exactly how Many apparel are as well Many?

Just layer her outfits. It is in creative, don’t hesitate to mix and also match colors, and shot different prints. Layering helps to personalize your look and also you can develop a brand-new style every time with the same old clothes. There space multiple means to layer her outfits so friend can gain an exclusive watch effortlessly. Wear a leather jacket over a button-down shirt through a T-shirt, or pair a vest and blouse through a miniskirt. Layout skinny jeans v a fitted top and also layer them through a trench coat. Because that the summer, try a longline shrug instead of a trench coat.

L come R: BTS’ Namjoon, BlackPink’s Lisa

2. You Deserve an ext Accessories

Accessories pat a crucial role when one wants to dress choose a K-pop star, and they provide extra charm to your outfits. Remember, a ring is not just for her ring finger, so wear rings on as plenty of fingers together you want. Shot a multi-strand necklace, dangling earrings, ear cuffs, bracelets, and also oversized embellished sunglasses.

Hats are also one the the indispensable accessories in K-pop fashion, so try different varieties of hats favor beanies, floppy hats, baseball hat or bucket hats to enhance your outfits. And don’t miss out on hair accessories favor bobby pins, headbands, and also bow clips. Every little thing you wear has to be outstanding, so shot something fresh and unique.

L come R: Blackpink’s Jisoo, BTS Taehyung’s ‘Butter’ photoshoot

3. Genderless Fashion in K-pop

Almost every K-pop idols wear unisex garments to normalize genderless fashion. BTS, TXT, GOT7, NCT, and large Bang are famous K-pop boy bands advertise the limits of fashion. They are not afraid of straying indigenous the gender norms. Even if it is it’s a concert or plane fashion, K-pop idols are constantly breaking down gender stereotypes. Girlfriend can uncover popular K-pop idols wearing chop tops, skirts, lace shirts, pond paintings, and also corsets to prove that clothing have no gender. So simply express yourself and your fearless sex identity favor your favorite idols.


L to R: TXT’s Soobin attract a chop top, BTS’ Namjoon put on a corset

4. K-pop Idols’ Makeup

K-pop is known for that is twinkling makeup, bold eyeshadow, and sharp eyeliner. So shot glittery eyeliner and shimmery eyeshadow to acquire that look. Gluing rhinestones on your cheeks, roughly your eyes, like almost everywhere on your face, will add glam to her look. And also go because that a neon or vibrant color palette to experiment with different makeup glows. To attain smooth flawless glass skin prefer K-pop stars, use great quality primer and foundation. And you have the right to emulate their makeup style far better by contouring your face in a ‘V’ shape with the help of highlighter and also contour to get that sharp ‘V’ shaped chin.

k-pop idols assembly trends

L to R: I.O.I’s Chungha, ATEEZ Seonghwa

5. Cut-out Fashion

Wear an ext “hollow” outfits as soon as trying come dress choose a K-pop star. Grab your old jeans, T-shirt, hoodies and also cut them. Friend can crop them, chop them, trim them and make an incredible outfit out of your old clothes. V indigenous BTS is known for his amazing reduced T-shirts. Likewise, Lisa from BlackPink additionally wears cut-out outfits often and her tailored hollow denim jacket was the talk of the city in 2018. Hawasa from Momoland nailed the concert with cut-out pants. Yeji native ITZY wore a cut-out furry cape outfit because that the gold Disc Award present that was a top-notch look.

k popular music stars stylish cut-out outfits

L come R: BlackPink’s Lisa, GOT7’s BamBam

6. Overlapping Outfits

K-pop is no all about bright popping colors and fitted garments. K-pop idols love to wear overlapping outfits for a cool and also relaxed watch .They like mother jeans, huge hoodies, autumn shoulder T-shirts, and extra-large shirts. J-hope from BTS is well known for his overlapping fashion; he enjoys wearing oversized outfits. Their fashion statement proves that the colour don’t have to be bright and complementing every the time. They have the right to be dull and neutral for a straightforward yet far-ranging look.

K-pop oversized outfits fashion

L come R: BTS’ J-hope, Red Velvet’s Joy

7. Motivating Hair Color

K-pop stars are famous for their superior hair color choices. They always prefer come come up with motivating hair colors for every new album. So try to color your hair through refreshing hues. You deserve to go for electrical blue, pink, yellow, coral, purple, noodle candy, or mint green. Don’t hesitate come dye her favorite color. You deserve to do an international coloring, highlighting or just straightforward hair streaks and also incorporate your outfit v your hair to acquire a playful aesthetic look.

k pop idols inspiring hair colors

L to R: NCT Xiaojun, ATEEZ San

8. Popular Hairstyles of K-pop Stars

K-pop idols come increase with different kinds of hairstyles every season. Specifically female K-pop stars give much more importance to your hairstyle in every brand-new album. To dress choose a K-pop star, among the popular hairstyles girlfriend should try is C-curls. K-pop star IU is popularly known for this hairstyle, which is perfect for short hair.

The hippie perm hairstyle is perfect for long and medium length hair. Sulli’s hippie perm hairstyle was a cultural reset in K-pop industry. The messy dual bun pucca hairstyle will lug out the cuteness in you. Pigtails will certainly take you back to school and also don’t forget the bangs! They are the most prominent hairstyle that K-pop stars.

k-pop idols renowned hairstyles

L come R: Everglow Onda, Aespa Giselle

9. All-black Outfits

Not fond the colors? You have the right to go for an all-black look. There is a saying, “When in doubt, wear every black”. You deserve to take this speak seriously as soon as it involves K-pop because Red Velvet’s Seulgi is the queen of black color in the K-pop fashion nation. BTS’ Jungkook is additionally known because that rocking all-black outfits. You can speak to the K-pop boy band huge Bang together Incognito for their all-black outfits in the ‘Love’ song. So friend can conveniently pull off the K-pop idol’s look at by just wearing black.

k-pop boy band GOT7 all-black outfits

GOT7’s phone call my name performance

10. Top korean Brands

Now the we have talked around how come dress choose a K-pop star, execute you desire to understand what fashion brand K-pop idols wear? right here are some of the top oriental fashion brand to try:

KYE- The arsenal heavily concentrates on sports-luxe aesthetics. Widely recognized for street wear. Style Nanda- The brand is dedicated to both fashion and also makeup. No.1 go-to digital boutique for korean idols.

Korean layout nanda brand instagram

PlayNoMore- It’s an accessories brand giving jewelry, shoes, hats, and also handbags.

Korean pat nomore brand instagram

Nohant- The brand meets the urban edge aesthetic style and it’s one of the favorite brands for oriental celebrities.

Korean nohant brand instagram

Ader Error- their brand selling unisex casual wear and also leans towards comfort v luxury.

Korean ader error brand instagram K-pop fashion doesn’t have any type of rules. You space a free spirit. If you want to dress prefer a K-pop star, you deserve to play through prints, mix-match colors, wear multiple accessories, shot bold eye makeup, or walk all-black.

But remember, apparel won’t offer you confidence. Her confidence, paired through a know-how of how to embellish yourself will certainly make friend look prefer a K-pop star. “Whatcha waiting for? Go pick your format – You’re a rockstar”.

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We would certainly love come hear your thoughts ~ above K-pop style, and also your favourite K-pop idols. Therefore let united state in the comment below! Also, share her stunning pictures wearing K-pop style outfits by tagging united state on Instagram

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