This is a great way to do a realistic heavy steel sword with cheap components from a hardware store.

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They look really impressive end a fire place as a decoration with a knife name or family coat of eight engraved on them. They also make a LARP or game of thrones costume look pretty nice.

Forging a sword typically take years of blacksmith training and also a warm furnace however with this method, you deserve to make one in a solitary afternoon and have time because that chicken. These swords are made from mild steel so are an ext resistant to breaking. This makes them far safer 보다 actual castle forged stole swords. Forged swords store a far better edge but can break apart as soon as struck against one another and also you deserve to imagine a sword reminder going at your challenge is not fun.

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Step 1: components & Tools



Flat steel bar native Hardware storeSize? Easy: One the same size as a knife you desire to make.Thick sufficient that the doesn"t bend without a many effort.

Cabinet knobThis go on the target of sword and also looks nice.

Cabinet manage (or fridge handle)This is the guard for the sword, the cross item that protects your hands.

Wood because that handleA bit of scrap hardwood that girlfriend can cut out for the handle. Not completely needed yet it"s far better to have actually it.

Screws to connect handleThese have the right to be any type of size as lengthy as you"ve a drill bit to match them

3 customs - 9 inch nailThis is to make a rivet to protect against the guard comes off. You can skip this step by butting the bar right into a triangularwedge at the handle end of the knife so that you deserve to slide the security on and also it gets stuck at the finish of the wedge.


Angle grinder or hacksaw

Would strongly recommend you gain an angle grinder. It may be possible with a hack saw yet come on, a cheap edge grinder is just 20 quid and also it"s great to have the ability to shape and also cut metal.

Sander or sand record (optional)

This is to provide the knife a shine if you"d choose it to shine. The herbal black steel complete is likewise pretty cool though.

Instructions room in the video, happy to add them in here if anyone think it"d be helpful.

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Just a warning, depending on your country, probably finest not sharpen the sword as this may class it as a weapon. Ns don"t sharpen mine beyond a decorative edge. It"s also a good idea to flatten the end the pointy end so you don"t accidentally pains anyone. They perform look amazing on a fire ar or through a costume.

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