I saw Avengers Infinity war today. Yep… three quick days before it opens up in theater on April 27, and also let me tell you, I already have mine ticket to view it again this weekend.

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This article is going to be hard to write because I desire to talk about what I observed with every one of you, yet I need to be fair and also share no spoilers. You should see this as I did, walking right into the theater understanding nothing the what’s come happen, except I desire you to know just how to prepare.


We all know the plot: The Avengers come together to fight an evil force whose score is to obtain all of the Infinity Stones and also rule the universe. The evil? Thanos, who you most likely recognize indigenous a vault Avengers film.


Through the film, you will certainly laugh, you might cryand if you’re choose me,you will sit ~ above the sheet of the seat for 2 hours and also 40 minutes. Then, also after the credits, you’ll sitthere longer, trying to process what you just watched. This may just be the best Marvel movie of all time, yet I’ll let friend decide the for yourself.

Before watching Avengers Infinity War

Re-watch few of the past Marvel films. My teenage child (who to be my honored guest in ~ the media screening) argues you watch this four:Captain America: The very first AvengerThe AvengersGuardians the the GalaxyThor: Ragnarok(and if you have time, black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2).Familiarize yourself with the Infinity Stones and also pay fist to what every is qualified of. There are 6 Infinity Stones: Power, Space, Reality, Time, Mind, and also Soul...Go to the hygiene ten minutes prior to the film starts. You don’t desire to miss even one second of Infinity War because it’s that intense. Gain yourpopcorn and also sodas, usage the restroom, revolve off her phone and put your complete attention top top the screen.

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Provide yourself a great three hrs to watch. (All Marvel fans understand there’s one extra scene after the credits roll!)

The Russo brothers walk an amazing job on this film, and also I can’t wait to watch what’s come come!

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