Locknuts are supplied to organize fixtures securely in place, and in every restroom tank, there space plastic locknuts. These locknuts are provided to for sure the to fill valve is above where the water supply water tap attaches to. If you want to remove the plastic nuts in your toilet tank, you will acquire wet unless removing all of the water from the toilet tank.

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This means that the an initial step in removing a plastic seed from her toilet tank involves draining the water. After draining the water from her toilet tank, to eliminate the plastic nuts you will must use pliers or an adjustable wrench to revolve it counterclockwise, then screw the off.

Although removed a plastic nut from her toilet tank have to be simple, it does not always work out to be the way. There space a few methods of removing these nuts and also other instances that may require friend to remove the plastic nuts from her toilet tank.


How to remove Plastic Nuts from your Toilet TankIf The Locknut is StuckHow to remove Rusted Screws and Wingnuts native Toilet Tank

How to remove Plastic Nuts from your Toilet Tank

Step 1

Unless you desire to dip her hands into a wet tank, shutting turn off the water supply because that the restroom is really important. To discover the it is provided valve, simply follow the water supply hose where it meets the valve that provides the water. This valve is top top the wall. You must turn the handle on the it is provided valve all the means to the right. This will cut the water supply.

Step 2

Now lift turn off the lid that the toilet tank. Ar it aside. Currently you will need to drainpipe the tank. Perform this by pressing down top top the take care of to flush the toilet. Proceed doing this until all of the water in the toilet has actually drained. If over there is any type of water continuing to be you can use a bath towel or sponge to soak that up.

Step 3

Take one more towel and place the on the floor under the tank. Unscrew the plastic item that connects the water supply hose to the underpart that the toilet tank.

Step 4

At this point, you will need to find the lock nut. Look because that a big plastic nut. It will be right above where the coupling was associated to.

Step 5

Remove the plastic seed by turning it counterclockwise. You can use plenty of different items to eliminate it, one of two people a pair of pliers, an flexible wrench, or even a tool called a spud wrench (this is created removing hex nuts).

If The Locknut is Stuck

If you have actually gone v the steps above to uncover that friend cannot eliminate the plastic locknut native under the tank, you might need to take various other action.

Option 1

You will must lubricate the nut in an effort to ease it. Warm wet rag or towel come lubricate it.Using either a strap wrench, pipe wrench, or container wrench, effort to eliminate the locknut.

Option 2

If this does not work, you can use continuous pliers.

Use the pliers on the vast settingOpen them come slightly broader than the nutHold the pliers open and also come indigenous the bottom if you hold the pliers against the nut. (From the optimal or bottom, no from the side).Use both hands to revolve the pliers and spin the nut. Be aware that they will hit the tangs top top the nut.

Draining your Toilet by Siphoning

If girlfriend cannot drain the toilet water in various other methods, then you can attempt to perform so through siphoning. Friend may get dirty v this method so it is in prepared.

Bein by acquiring a short and also flexible hose. You must wear a pair that rubber gloves due to the fact that you will certainly be poignant the toilet bowl. Only use this an approach if you have actually tried other techniques of draining the toilet bowl, and there is nothing grounding in the toilet.

Fill the hose through water. This have the right to be done in your tub or a sink. Block both openings the the pipe through your fingers and also make certain the water within of the hose will certainly not leak out. If water it s okay out, then air will move into the hose and break the siphon.Keep prevent the openings and put one of the ends right into either the bowl or the tank (depending on i m sorry one you are emptying).Put the other end of the hose in a bucket.Take her fingers away from the water tap openings. You will watch water will begin to train native the toilet. Keep the end in the bucket reduced than the toilet, and also inside the bucket at every times.

How to eliminate Rusted Screws and Wingnuts from Toilet Tank

If you have attempted to remove the wingnuts from your toilet tank but realize the screws they were attached to to be rusted, you can be concerned to accidentally rest something.

No need to panic in this situation, however there space a couple of steps you deserve to take to handle this situation.

Use Heat

Although penetrating oil such together WD-40 might sound like a an excellent idea, that can additionally take a long amount of time. Stop cutting, grinding, or break the nut. This can damages the toilet. Once attempting to eliminate a corroded seed or bolt you should constantly use heat. This could be a torch or simply warm water.

How come Unscrew toilet Water supply Hose

If her toilet water supply hose, but it is stuck to the bottom of the tank girlfriend will should take a few steps.

If the totality assembly no rotating while turning the outside nut climate you have to look inside the tank. Is that hitting other that avoids it from turning? If so, organize the inner piece the is preventing it native turning.

You can likewise choose come use an ext force. Use a more powerful wrench or cheater pipe. Be mindful to stop breaking things. If it is already damaged from overcome threading then execute not try to reuse it. Change it.

Wrap the whole piece in a wet rag that has been boiled in water. Stay gloves, host it on the piece, and also turn it after soaking it because that 20 seconds. Madness the plastic v a mallet or a hammer. This can help to ease it and also eventually eliminate it.

If girlfriend decide that you require to reduced off the white connector, then you can choose to saw it off. Be an extremely careful to stop damaging things. As long as the stud or threads on the remaining item aren’t damaged as soon as doing this, you have to be good to replace it.

Related Questions

If I carry out not desire to usage my hands and a sponge to dried the toilet tank, is there an additional method?

Yes, there is another method. Girlfriend can shot using a wet vacuum instead. ~ flushing the toilet to gain the residual water out of the tank, you deserve to take a wet shop vac and also remove anything it is left. This can assist you if you feel uncomfortable to be poignant the restroom tank.

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Do I need to turn off the water in order to remove nuts within my toilet tank?

You absolutely need to drain your toilet to eliminate the nuts inside the tank. In bespeak to perform this, you will likewise need to reduced off the water supply. This is important since your toilet will not drainpipe if the water is tho on. This can also cause a leak.