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Our overview shows you just how to replace your Sony KDF-55E2000 TV LCD forecast lamp.

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Authentic lamps are critical!

Don’t clear up for anything however the best for her Sony KDF-55E2000 LCD TV. Constantly install an yes, really Sony KDF-55E2000 TV LCD forecast lamp. When buying look because that the seal of approval — don’t get caught with a copycat share projector lamp!

Why prevent generic projection lamps:

when friend buy copy-cat lamps you obtain no insurance or refundsinstalling a generic lamp voids her projector’s warranty.

The Sony KDF-55E2000 supplies the Sony XL-2400 (F-9308-750-0) estimate lamp.

Buy this desk lamp on Amazon sold by these authorized dealers:

When come replace?

The Sony KDF-55E2000 forecast lamp need to last as much as 8,000 hours depending on how much you use your TV. Once the LCD forecast lamp is reaching finish of life, you might see the adhering to warning signs:

onscreen message display screen reminding you to change the lampLamp indicator on the TV will begin flashing.darker photos on screen and also colors the look off.the display screen may dim and also the color balance goes offa noticeable popping sound

Replace the LCD projection lamp immediately.

Replacing the LCD estimate lamp

Perform these safety and security steps before installing the brand-new lamp:

Turn turn off the strength on the key unit.The cooling fan will proceed to operate for two minutes ~ the strength is turn off.Wait several minutes prior to unplugging the strength cord.Wait an additional 30 minute to enable the lamp to cool down. The desk lamp operates under extreme heat therefore avoid touching it before changing the lamp.

Take the new Sony XL-2400 estimate lamp the end of the box. Nothing shake the lamp together vibrations can damage the lamp. Staying clear of touching the glass part on the lamp together the oil from your fingers deserve to burn black marks ~ above the lamp.

Remove the exterior Sony XL-2400 estimate lamp cover. Revolve the knob counterclockwise come open. Pull the end the cover.

Pull the end the Sony XL-2400 projection lamp by very first hooking a finger v the loop the the lamp handle and pulling the handle upwards. Climate pull the Sony XL-2400 lamp right out.

Put the new Sony XL-2400 forecast lamp into its place. Mountain the brand-new lamp securely or the self-diagnostic function will be triggered. A shed lamp can likewise cause the display screen to walk dark.

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Reattach the Sony KDF-42E2000 LCD TV desk lamp door. Turn the knob earlier to CLOSE and also secure the cover

Green your Sony KDF-55E2000 LCD TV

If girlfriend interested in going green with your Sony KDF-55E2000 LCD TV, you have the right to replace only the projection bulb and re-used the plastic casing. This can save your money plus help reduce rubbish by recycling. Watch our training video to find out more.