The native ENTREPRENEUR, which concerns us from French, is yes, really tough! Learn how to express this word as we walk through each sound step-by-step. Get Rachel’s Book!

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In this American English together video, we’re walking to walk over the pronunciation of the word ‘entrepreneur’.

This is a tough word, and I’ve obtained lots the requests for it. Thanks for placing in her request, i’m glad to do it because that you.

This native is 4 syllables, with stress and anxiety on the last syllable. A many words in English through last-syllable stress and anxiety come indigenous French, just like this word. The stress and anxiety pattern is da-da-da-DA. The last syllable is the loudest and also most clear. The first three deserve to be simplified a tiny bit: entrepre-, entrepre-, entrepreneur. There is an additional acceptable pronunciation, ‘entrepreneur’ (noor), but ‘entrepreneur’ is an ext common.

Let’s look in ~ close up video of this word and also discuss its pronunciation.

First we have actually the AH as in father vowel. The jaw drops for the vowel, and the tongue presses down a small in the back. AH, AHN, en, -en. Climate the front, flat component of the tongue goes come the roof of the mouth because that the N. You deserve to see the lips are starting to flare a bit in ready for the R sound. Next we have the TR consonant cluster, however most people will express this CH-R, chruh, chruh, entre-. The lips flare and also the teeth come almost together because that the CH, ench-. Then the lips come into even a tighter circle for the R. Girlfriend can’t watch it due to the fact that of the lips, yet the pointer of the tongue pulls back and as much as make the R sound. Then the tongue releases forward for the schwa together the lips come together for the ns consonant, entrep-. This following syllable happens an extremely fast. The lips component and easily make an R-schwa before the emphasize syllable: pre-, pre-, pre-. Entrepre-, Entrepre-.

And the tongue lifts to the roof of the mouth for the N consonant. Watch the tongue reminder come down: it no come every the means down since again the tongue pulls earlier and up for the R vowel and also consonant: Urr. Lips are flared. Let’s clock the emphasize syllable again. Tongue is up because that the N, then pulls back and up for the UR vowel, R consonant. -Neur, -neur.

Let’s rest up the word into the unstressed syllables and also stressed syllable. Repeat v me several times to do this succession of sounds much more comfortable:


Notice I’m maintaining these syllables flatter and also lower in pitch, entrepre- -neur, compared to the emphasize syllable.

en-tre-pre, en-tre-pre.

Now that you’ve learned that, i’m going to give you one simplification. Friend can gain away through dropping the very first R. Yet do make a CH sound rather of a T, that makes us think there’s an R there.

en-che-pre, en-che-pre, en-che-pre

-neur, -neur. Nothing forget to lug the key of her voice down. That rounded down shape renders it a stressed syllable. –Neur. –Neur. –Neur.

en-tre-pre-NEUR. Let’s clock the slow motion video clip one much more time.

I hope this video clip has made the word ‘entrepreneur’ simpler to pronounce. If yes a native or expression you’d like aid pronouncing, placed it in the comment below.

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