This guide will show you exactly how to protect against a Pokemon from evolving and the advantages of doing for this reason in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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How to stop Evolution

To avoid a Pokemon indigenous evolving, every you must do is wait for the advancement to start, and when the Pokemon is glowing, push the B Button
on the Joy-con controller, and also your Pokemon"s development will be immediately stopped.

Be careful, as if you miss out on this opportunity to prevent the evolution, there will certainly be no way to return the Pokemon to its pre-evolved state.

Advantages of avoiding Evolution

Learn move at an earlier Level

The benefit of preventing an evolution is that Pokemon deserve to learn move at a reduced level than once evolved. After ~ evolving, Pokemon will frequently learn the same move at a higher level, or in some cases, castle will shed the potential to learn the move at all.

Baby Pokemon Moves

Many infant Pokemon have exclusive move which deserve to only be learned at this phase of evolution, therefore delaying advancement for these Pokemon is encourage if you want them to find out the exclusive moves.

list of baby Pokemon
Mime Jr.

It"s feasible to Evolve Later

Stopping development once will certainly not avoid the Pokemon from evolving later. All that is necessary to evolve the Pokemon ~ stopping evolution is to satisfy the evolution problem again.

For example, if a Pokemon i beg your pardon evolves in ~ Level 30 has actually its development stopped, it will certainly attempt to evolve again on getting to Level 31.

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In addition, in previous gamings it was impossible for a Pokemon which evolves through level approximately evolve in ~ Level 100 (the maximum level). However, in Pokemon Sword and also Shield, game Freak have actually introduced a solution to this – by offering a Level 100 Pokemon i m sorry evolves by level increase a rare Candy, it"s now feasible to evolve a Level 100 Pokemon.


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