In this guide we’ll display you how to take a screenshot top top the Moto G5 and also Moto G5 Plus. If you desire to re-publishing or catch something on your screen, prefer a conversation, you do it by taking a screenshot. This is a an easy feature obtainable on every phones but each firm does that a little different.

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This works the exact same on all Motorola smartphones. Even if it is you speak to it a screenshot, display grab, or you simply want to conserve a snippet of one email, here’s how.

How to take a Screenshot on the Moto G5

Press and Hold the Volume Down and Power button at the same time, then let goYou will see and hear the screenshot captureNow usage the notification pulldown bar come view, share, or edit the image
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Quickly push and hold down both buttons in ~ the very same time, organize for a second or two, then let go. You will see and also hear the screenshot capture. That’s it. The call will conserve what’s on the screen and also you deserve to instantly accessibility it from the gallery. Relying on your settings, you can edit the photo or re-superstructure it ideal from the notice bar.

This is a good way to catch a funny photo you see on your phone, conserve an deal with or sentence indigenous an email, or save and also send someone something. Basically, you have the right to save any and also everything you see on your screen as photo to use later, any method you want.

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Now that you know just how to take it a screenshot ~ above the Moto G5 Plus, provide it a try today. When you’re here learn how to reboot a frozen Moto G5 or get one of these 15 amazing Moto G5 plus cases.


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