nervous_girl - September 9

I just turned 22 and also I"m 14 mainly pregnant. Ns was an extremely close to gaining an abortion yet when I witnessed the baby on the ultrasound, my love melted and also i couldn"t go with with it. My boyfriend is being very supportive, however he is obtaining frustrated v me due to the fact that I haven"t called my mother or mine sister yet. I understand that I have to tell them yet I"m incredibly scared due to the fact that they constantly told me to stick to mine studies. Mine sister should be the first person come know but I"m even scared to tell her. She also told me she would certainly be very disappointed in me. (she kind of acts prefer she"s mine mom due to the fact that of our huge age difference). Ns really require advice on how to break the news come them because time is running out and I"m starting to show a little bit. Please help!!!!! Thanks!

Jamie - June 13

I have the right to tell you the finest thing to execute is come tell castle soon. Castle will obtain over it because they room you family and also the sooner friend tell them the sooner you can relax (the stress and anxiety is bad for the baby) and they can acquire over it. The dad of mine babys household was as with yours however he finally told them. He felt much better because as soon as they obtained over it (it only took about a week) they were able to assist support him emotionally. Lock will find out sooner quite that later on anyways so girlfriend may as well get it end with.

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Amy - June 15

Hi! I definitely understand what you room going through. I am 22 just like you. Just like you, ns am likewise pregnant...except because that 13 weeks. Finally, i am additionally like you due to the fact that I have not told my mom yet out of are afraid of her reaction. You right, ours time is running out and also I understand I will certainly be telling my mother soon as with you. Ns was thinking of telling her in a way that reflects that ns have come to terms v what happened and am actually happy and confident in mine abilities together a mother. Ns dont want to call her around the infant in any remorseful or regretful way. Im even thinking about giving her a grandmother"s present...what do you think?I recognize you space going through a challenging time...well at least I am. If you desire to save in call with me...please email me at Sunbeam142 Great luck and congratulations mommy!! :)

Mindy - June 26

Here"s what i did. I went to visit my family and also just stated it. That"s about all you have the right to do.

Chrystal - June 28

I"m in the same boat, but I"m a tiny younger I"m twenty years old, and I"m i just discovered out this morning the I"m pregnant. Only 4 weeks, i haven"t even had a chance to speak to my boy Friend around what that wants, yet I do recognize this, ns don"t want to have actually an abortion, so my very first delema is telling him and then come my family, consisting of my grandfather that is a pastor. Any type of advice since I"m really scared ideal now, yet still excited due to the fact that I understand I will make a great mother.

gini - July 29

Sara/date:sept 1,2004/1:44 - respectable 4

i"m onyl 14 and i"am prenant.i"m 19 mainly pregnant,my bf is doing every little thing he have the right to for me,he"s therefore great.but mine dad is ay come strict and i"m to fear to tell since i"m scared he might kick me the end or ache me actual bad and also hurt or death the infant inside of me,help please????

Emma - august 8

I"m 13 and i"ve just finished primary school and also going away to begin high school.I"m pregnant with twin"s and also i"m getting huge and an extremely tired.After i tell mine mum around having the pair i"m going to have actually a residence birth.My friend who"s 15 say"s he"s going to be through me every the method through labor since he"s the father.When we had actually s_x that night we provided a comdom but it burst for this reason I acquired pregnant.Yesterday when I went for a scan i had discovered out i was having two girl"s.Then the medical professional said that when I have actually the twin"s I require to have the ability to controll the birth because the twins could come once i"m at school.I claimed i was going to have my twin"s at home in my bed.The docor claimed that"s fine yet when i"m in labor i"ll fifty percent to realy prepare to provide birth since i"m going to it is in very,very tired.

Heather - respectable 11

Hi everyone! Im also in the same instance as every one of you guys, ns 21 and also im 5 weeks pregnant ns just found out for certain today, i want to call my mom soon incase she end reacts and gets yes, really upset i desire her to be ok through it by the time the infant is born. Anyone recognize any great way come tell a mommy that her gonna be a mom.

Margie - respectable 12

I in reality was crying so bad when i told mine mom, she believed I to be going come tell her ns was dying. I"m 27, was no in a relationship and am now 9 month pregnant. I waited till I was around 16 weeks along to tell her since I was a- in denial, and b- fear to death. Moms, together I guess: v we"ll all discover out, deserve to be wonderfuly supportive and very solid for their kids when they need to be. My only regret is that i didn"t tell she sooner, since I essentially went through the an initial half that my pregnant alone. When I said her and also my older siblings, they yes, really rallied approximately me and also backed me up. Execute it confront to face, and also do the soon. Gift literally moments far from gift a mom, I have to say, the just thing ns would have actually changed about how I handled my pregnancy is that ns would have actually said something and gotten the assistance I essential sooner. Ideal of luck to you, and stay strong. And also for those of you out there quiet in school or college, don"t drop out. It"s difficult to balance baby and also school, but your shot at gift able to carry out a actual life for your child lengthy term (and on your terms) depends on your being educated and also employable. You will certainly not do a liveable fairy if girlfriend don"t graduate. Think me, college student loans deserve to be paid earlier easily as soon as you"re maybe to gain a real job. Simply some heads up for the future :)

heather - respectable 13

Thanks for the advice Margie! ns in my second year that college, and also im searching for a part time job, ns refuse come quit school, b/c ns feel prefer i"d make a big mistake im glad the you discussed staying in school

dee - august 18

i was additionally scared to tell my mother. Ns am 21 and also 5 wks pregnant. Ns told her today over the phone because we are a thousand miles apart and also before the words also came the end i was in tears. I was therefore surprised once she told me not to cry and that i must do what ns feel is right, the if i have actually it she"ll be glad to be a grandmother because that the first time... My mother has actually never been an extremely supportive and she constantly screams, yet like someone posted before me, mothers have the right to be an extremely supportive as soon as they recognize their son is hurting and needs them. Even if youre mom does no react the same way, you need to tell she asap and also when she sees the child, she will be happy friend went with with it

charl - respectable 19

i know how you feel but i cant also tell my boyfriend coz we break-up up before i knew an that is earlier with his ex that he has actually baby with.but i am gona obtain him to satisfy me and just gain it all the end an then tell my mum. They will be dissapointed however will come round an help you loads.

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de - august 19

you room an adult young but an adult so it is in one if the dad is supportive then you must stand increase you dont think in abortion the course her gonna listen it however its her life just stay focused and also you still can end up your research studies many solitary parents perform it and also have doctoret degrees so what friend just need to replan there are orginizations that aid with childcare if you family wont support you 보다 you and also the father have to pull together yet your grown just stay focused finish schooland make sure once the baby born usage protection

robbi=) - respectable 20

hi! ns in the very same situatiopn 2! im 14 and also 16 weeks pregnant however im starting to show and also my mum and dad are beginning to notice! my dad beats me if i do something he doesnt like and also this is alot bigger some of the other stuff ive done! ns really dont understand what hes gonna do and also it renders me feel sick wen ns think about what the mite do! pleeeeeez plz plz!! assist me!! luv robbi =) x x x

jasmin - September 9

I to remained in that situation, i was 21 about to rotate 22 when I discovered out i was expecting mine son. Ns to was very scared my bf currently husband was also scared to tell his parents like I to be to phone call mine. Ns told mine sisters first and they sustained me. Lock made united state tell mine parents yet my bf asked because that my hand in marrige the night we decided to tell. I was shocked due to the fact that I was not expecting that. My mommy like every mothers had actually that 6th instinct and also asked if ns was pregnant, of course I began crying and she said thing that I had never heard she say before. She did not talk to me for 2 days no one word. At some point I checked out school and also work and also when I gained home she had all type of baby clothes for my baby. Now my son is 19 months and also my parental love him just as much as I carry out . Now my husbands parents room 1 st time grandparents and also they are additionally so happy for your grandson.

i"m22_&pregnant - September 13

hey, i know how you room feeling. I"m 22 and also just found out i"m pregnant. My sisters know and also my dad knows, yet i"m fear to tell my mom. She"s going to throw a fit! my bf is 26 a permanent cop and i"m a permanent reporter, however i still live at home. Ithink the best way to tell castle is to just say it. I"m going come tell my mom tonight. I"ve never ever been for this reason nervous and scared in mine life! i understand i"m no helping girlfriend out really much, but i think that helps knowing that you"re not the only one going v this. Good luck!