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This a page for using potions and also other items in final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn more about consumables and also how to usage them!

How to use Items

Tactical Menu


You deserve to see the list of usable item in the Tactical Menu by pressing R2 and navigating through various categories by utilizing the Dpad.

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Using Consumables

Under the Items food selection is a list of consumables the you currently have. Choose an object and pick the party member you want to use it to.

Take note that over there are details conditions the will protect against you indigenous using an object on a party member such as making use of a heal item on someone who is currently at complete HP.

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Below is a list of all the consumables in the game.

Item result Antidote Elixir Ether flesh Fortifier gold Needle Hi-Elixir Hi-Potion Magitek Booster Maiden"s Kiss Mega Phoenix Mega-Potion Megalixir Mettle VX Moogle Plushie Muscle Stimulant Phoenix down (Phoenix Tail) medicine power EX Reflex Enhancer Remedy (Panacea) Smelling salts spirit ZX superior Restorative Verve WX
Remove Poison standing from target
Restore 50% of lowered max HP and also recover 100% the max HP and max MP; remove peril status and also Stasis
Recover 100% that max MP; removes Statis
Increase Vitality that target through 200 because that 40 seconds
Remove rock status native target
Restore 100% of lower max HP and also recover 100% the max HP and max MP; remove peril status and also Stasis
Recover 100% of target"s max HP; remove hazard status
Reduce MP usage to zero for 20 seconds
Remove Toad standing from target
Revive every downed party members
Recover 100% that max HP of every party members; remove peril status
Restore 100% of lowered max HP and also recover 100% that max HP and also max MP for all party members; remove danger status and also Stasis
Increase Vitality of target by 100 because that 120 seconds
Set moogle plushie top top the field; the enemies around the plushie will target it
Increase stamin of target by 200 for 40 seconds
Revive downed target
Recover 50% that target"s max HP; removes Danger status
Increase stamin of target through 100 because that 120 seconds
Automatically evade assaults without input for 20 seconds
Remove Poison, Stone, Confusion, and Toad statuses indigenous target
Remove Confusion condition from target
Increase heart of target by 100 for 120 seconds
+30% come target"s HP Recovery price for 30 seconds
Increase Magic the target through 100 because that 120 seconds