I discovered the /testfor command this day in Minecraft, but when I use it in a command block that says

Usage: /testfor

and when I perform that it then says

/testfor must be supplied by command blocks through an analog output.

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What does the mean and also how deserve to I use the command?



As per the Minecraft Wiki commands page, the syntax that the /testfor command is either of:

/testfor /testfor So, e.g., a command block that fires the command /testfor notch, v a redstone comparator attached come it, would output a signal from the comparator, assuming that Notch is play on the server.

Using the Command Block selectors syntax lets you carry out things favor /testfor
a, i m sorry will cause the comparator come emit a signal toughness equal to the variety of players within three meters. Or /testfor
a, i beg your pardon would reason the comparator to emit a signal toughness equal to the number of an imaginative Mode players at this time on the server.


The /testfor command has countless uses. Because that example, you could want come testfor a player through a score that at least 3 on the red team. To perform this, friend would usage the following command:


In this command, girlfriend testfor the nearest player v a score, on the objective "objname", that 3. This player would have to be top top the red team. If you connect this command block come a clock, and also put a comparator ~ above the side of it, anytime it find a player, it will output a redstone signal.

Click here for a complete list the selectors the you deserve to use in ~ the square brackets.


You need to use it in a command block so that it have the right to be in a clock or have actually a redstone input to trigger. Girlfriend cannot use it native the chat.

You deserve to use that in a lot of ways.

To obtain the closest player

To obtain the variety of players in an area.

To use an effect to one area

To apply certain commands when the testfor return true.

Grab the nearest player with a particular scoreboard score.

To inspect the an outcome of the command, attach an comparator out of the command block. The will come to be powered if the /testfor finds a player equivalent the selector or name.

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Suppose you did /testfor
p. It would certainly testfor a single player in ~ 3 blocks.Suppose friend did /testfor
p. It would testfor a player At works with x=3, y=3 z=3.

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