It’s been much less than 6 months since the pass of Crenshaw’s Nipsey Hussle and to say his existence is quiet felt would be one understatement.

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Not a job goes by without an “I miss you Nip” write-up on society media or a mural popping up (there’s to be over 50 in LA alone) or a rapper paying homage via tattoo or chain.

His Marathon apparel Store has actually grossed an ext than $10 million in sales over the last couple of months. Los Angeles even named one intersection after him and also he won a gambling award simply last weekend.

You only gain that type of love once you’re gone, if the occupational you walk while here was meaningful, which is precisely what you deserve to say about Nipsey.

His text matched his body of job-related in actual life — it to be all about hustling, maintaining and preserving. It’s what the Marathon emblem is all around and it was installed in his music.

There are plenty of world that listened to Nipsey before he died and thousands after, yet whether she a new fan or old, the response is constantly that Nip’s music pushes you come that next level.

At a time wherein it seems prefer everyone is desperately seeking an inspiration from all over they can get it, I decided to pull up 10 of my fav Nip lyrics to hopefully offer you that boost you need.

1. “Blue Laces 2” reminds us we’re never in it alone

“Ones that dislike us, handcuff us and also mace us/Call united state dumb niggas ’cause our society is contagious/Third generation, South central gang bangers/That lived long sufficient to see it changing/Think it’s time we make arrangements/Finally wiggle the end they mazes, find me the end in different places/’I’m the spook by the door,’ this the infiltration, double back, pull on in blue laces”

What do Nipsey’s music so powerful was his ability to convey the no issue who you to be or where you were from, that you’re not the just one encountering the obstacles you were facing.

When i hear this lyrics, I have the right to immediately relate come the feeling of going v the maze that life and facing obstacles and systems way bigger 보다 I. So that feels great hearing Nip confidently rap about overcoming them.

2. “I Don’t offer a Fucc” g-checks us about staying authentic

“I gotta hustle, momma I’ma relocate the white/If I passed away came back I’d carry out it twice/Brain wash by the block it consumed my life/Cool nigga however a killa once the mood is right/Bullets have the dogs howling at the moon in ~ night/Momma that cold outside/Ain’t no hope outside”


Authenticity is miscellaneous undeniable around Nipsey music and his song “I Don’t give a Fucc” is a perfect instance of such.

Here he’s being genuine with his mom, and himself, about his condition and also the atmosphere that’s made the this way. Not to glorify it either, yet to identify it to be something he had to intentionally become mindful of to break from.

3. “Status symbol 3” keeps united state opening doors

“Wanna readjust the game, never chase a message/Never protect against grindin’, cherish no possessions/We ain’t obtain accepted, we simply reinvested”

Nip’s music constantly has a story of detect a method after one means is closed and also when girlfriend hear that type of blog post behind some blaring 808’s, some mornings it’s much better than coffee.

4. “Ocean Views” encourages us to always believe in leveling up

“Look, indigenous fucking hood rats to fucking stars/Spending every cash, to sliding cards/It’s the an interpretation of living large/Smoking top trip in the greatest cars/Told you ’08 this shit to be ours/Getting this cake, yeah nigga then obtaining more/Look at this civilization young nigga, this really yours/Nigga this yes, really mine, mine niggas is yes, really for it, them buildings is yes, really high”

One the the most efficient ways to spark motivation in who is just showing them the what they envision is possible. That’s what Nip’s music did and this bar’s masterclass ranking proves it.

Here he provides a mini-testimonial, showing people where he is from the you can level up, simply as that has.

5. “Hussle and Motivate” argues we must remember how an useful our time is ~ above this earth

“F— livin’ basic, ns takin’ risks/F— what lock sayin’, ns sayin’ this/ don’t waste your time, it don’t do you rich.”

“Don’t waste your time, the don’t make you rich” is a bar i wish everyone lived by. Recognizing how valuable, short and privileged we space to have actually life is something plenty of of united state lack, but it’s what Nip was plainly aware of in this bar.

Be about your business and do the work instead of the talk.

Long live Nip and also may the marathon continue.

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