More and much more we are witnessing exactly how an ever-growing number of people are emerging an awareness that we are attached in a manner that goes far beyond anything we ever dreamed of.

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One that the an ext amazing and also beautiful elements of the net is that it is becoming the most powerful tool ever to spread ideas instantaneously worldwide, including a cultivation sense that one civilization consciousness and our oneness through all life. Small by little, the is assisting united state go beyond the old, worn down dualistic vision the the world and to spread out ever much more widely and also rapidly the non-dualist consciousness that we space all attached ‘for far better or because that worse’ to borrow an expression indigenous the traditional Anglican marriage liturgy.


More and more we are witnessing just how an ever-growing number of people are arising an awareness that us are attached in a manner the goes far past anything we ever before dreamed of. The prophet Isaiah foresaw this with uncanny sharpness 2500 years ago. Describing the ‘good deeds’ of the spiritually enlightened individual in what is nothing else than a remarkable program of social justice the then claims of the person: ‘Then her light shall rest forth together the dawn and your heal will quickly appear.’ (Isaiah 58:8, new International version). In other words, our healing depends on the heal of the world.

Every time you replace hatred through love,..replace her usual biting retort to her companion v silence or – why no – kindness, you space helping every those top top the world struggling v the very same challenge, it is in it in one infinitesimal manner.

In this exciting new vision, every progress I make for myself, i make because that the whole world. Every polio or cancer patient who overcomes his or her disease through energetic participation in the healing procedure helps every others afflicted v the same disease on the totality planet. Every time you change hatred with love, overcome your nagging desire for the umpteenth ‘last’ drink, change your usual biting retort to your companion with silence or – why not – kindness, you are helping all those top top the earth struggling v the very same challenge, it is in it in one infinitesimal manner. Which drop of water constituting an s is unimportant? The longest mile is made up of countless inches, and each one brings us closer home, brings us closer, as a race and as individuals, to the currently that, whatever the present aggressive material appearances come the contrary, there is only one boundless Mind to run the show. We are all encouraged by the same boundless Love that gave birth to united state all; we space joined through the exact same universal consciousness. As mar Baker Eddy, an American metaphysician of the critical century wrote: ‘The divine understanding reigns, is all, and also there is no various other consciousness.’

We have the right to all it is in agents of hopeful change

My Texan friend and teacher roger McGowen invested 25 years on death row in Texas because that a crime we understand he never ever committed. Every development he provides towards forgiving his jailers helps all the other innocents on fatality row in the USA and also elsewhere an international to step closer towards forgiveness. Every Anita Moorjani that writes around their NDE (near fatality experience) through a an effective vision of magnificent love and also everlasting life helps civilization all ring the people overcome their are afraid of punishment and death.

In every solitary area of our lives, each of us have the right to start striving for win-win relations, indigenous the use of ours time to spending money, …to our respect for the environment.


Every solitary one of us can end up being an certified dealer of positive readjust by focusing thought in a details manner. Ns will illustrate this by 2 examples. The first one is striving for win-win services in every single area of one’s life. The old, fatigued win-lose version which has overcame so much of human being existence in so numerous areas, particularly the economy, will have to disappear for united state to survive as a race. The world is far too interconnected to have the ability to survive ~ above the communication of the paleolithic, Darwinian design of relations. In every single area of our lives, every of us can start striving because that win-win relations, indigenous the usage of our time come spending money, adjusting our schedule so the they job-related out for every member that the family or partner at work to our respect for the environment. In cultures that room so dominated by money, tithing because that instance deserve to be a many exciting and also even fun an approach of managing money in a win-win manner.

An easy method to uplift world consciousness

We live in a world where huge numbers of our contemporaries feel totally powerless when contemplating the challenges facing the human being race.


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The second one is the practice of blessing. It is just one of the simplest and also easiest manners of uplifting people consciousness. There is fixed a moment in life throughout which that is not feasible to bless. In the street, top top the bus or underground, in ~ work, at residence with your companion or family, your quiet blessings will uplift and also heal. We live in a world where large numbers of our contemporaries feel fully powerless once contemplating the obstacles facing the human being race. The practice described above offers extraordinary encourage to every solitary individual who wishes come undertake something coherent to assist create a saner world.

Every single progress we make, us make for the whole human being – because you room me and I to be you.

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A true civilization citizen, Pierre Pradervand has actually labored every his life because that social justice, life in or visiting 40 nations on every continent. Indigenous his Geneva home Pierre is now active as a writer, speaker and workshop facilitator, helping civilization to live simpler, however richer, much more contented lives. His workshops provide an individual development devices that authorize attendees to combine their internal anchors and advance on their spiritual path. That is the author of the award-winning The Gentle arts of Blessing, message of Life from death Row, a collection of letter from roger McGowen, an innocent former death row inmate and most recently 365 blessings to cure Myself and the World. This blog is reprinted by sort permission that The Gentle art of Blessing.