Charles Horton Cooley, one American sociologist at the begin of the 20th century, said: “I to be not that you think i am; i am not that I think ns am; ns am who I think friend think ns am“, a explain which help to capture the intricacy identity.

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Sorry, that am i again?

Charles Cooley’s quote is a useful photo of the intricacy that individuals face when occurring self awareness and also trying to recognize who they are as individuals.

What that is basically saying in his quote is that most civilization cannot aid but be influenced by the perceptions the others have actually of them. In my interactions through you, maybe what matters most is how I think friend perceive me. It’s my id of her views and opinions that affects exactly how I behave approximately you and, to some extent, what i think is possible.

“I am not who you think i am; i am not who I think i am; i am who I think friend think i am”

Charles Horton Cooley

When people look to develop their self-awareness and character, they may spend time daunting how they check out themselves. As soon as doing so, it’s necessary to challenge how friend think others see you as well.

Interestingly, this is something the the coaching industry also tries to help people do as well.

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We think that me awareness and also being clear on who we are as people is vital in the people of work. And we love this quote and also think it’s a an excellent little speak that records the intricacy of understanding exactly how we view ourselves. Us don’t have more to say around it, we simply wanted to share it.

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This previous is based on work by Charles Horton Cooley. You have the right to read much more in his book: “Human Nature and also the society Order”.


The civilization of job-related Project: “I am not who you think ns am” Quote


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