As much as i understand, both of this sentences indicate that the speak is unable to watch anything.

Is one sentence more correct 보다 the various other or deserve to they be offered interchangeably everywhere?

Also, why doesn"t a an adverse word "don"t" have any effect ~ above the resulting an interpretation of the 2nd sentence in the title?

For eg.

I see her


I don"t check out her

are pretty different.

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In conventional English (unlike much dialect and slang usage), "I don"t see nothing" is not correct - unless your intended an interpretation is "I see something". In conventional English, a "double negative" outcomes in one negative cancprincetoneclub.orging out the various other negation, resulting in an affirmative meaning.

In conventional English, the exactly expressions are:

I don"t check out anything.I watch nothing.

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carry out these sentences have the same meaning: "I don't think that is a student." and also "I think he is no a student."

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