Lyrics: "Been working method too lot need to get out and also get fucked upWhats going on, where's it atMake some calls to do it crack, lets see...I require money, drugs, a rideAnd a clues with warm ones insideThe mission:To get every one of the above in a minimal amount the timeI can do this and it's doneLike that we're on ours wayBe it acid on the tongueCocaine in your brainOr part weed the hits her lungsLike a runaway trainHell yeah, from DMT come MDMAGot all that shit and moreSo 'til dawn we're okay... But anyway..Fuck a line, every timeGet in, get a drink and lose our mindsAll eyes on the dimeThat provides your dick want come grindKnow you obtained a godd buzz goingCuz everything is glowingSkirt so short her ass is showingAnd she is looking for this reason you're knowingYou could get it tonightBut there's so much aroundBest take your time do it rightAs girlfriend keep obtaining higherLights look favor they're top top fireSoon every that's left that youIs your many primal desiresAss clappin, cock suckin, lock the door to the toilet ?quick fuckinFind a whore and also it might happenBut it's nothin, cuz you're drunk and also you'll it is in blackin outBefore you also get a opportunity to think bout what you're doingI want it I, I require it, require it to make me feel heatedShake it, can't take it it, must break itBreak if off yea, what'd i say bitch..BitchGetting looser and looser and losing yourselfIn the groove that has the entirety party movinYou're cruisin, you don't know what you're doing and also you don't provide aCuz you're so liquored up, you throw it upAnd keep on speak cuz your timing is onAnd the fine one is top top you, the time to get goneToo much up in it come yawn, til its finished come onGet more twisted and bomb the dance floor til the breaksStart to pondering rapeMe I'm every bout the faceBut it takes every kindsSo pay no mind to the tasteWant come hear the songYou understand the one with the bassThat provides their asses gyrateForget to hydrateTil they're so fucked up they takeOff every one of their clothes and whipIt on me favor my body's made to fit 'tween your lipsYou gained the persons on your grillOr in between their hipsBut either method I need to sayI really don't provide a shitLong as its done well, and they promise no to tellWe could do this like an orgyIn the bowels the hellWhere every Lucy's hella hornyAnd their pussies don't smellArgh... Where's the atI desire it I, I require it, need it to make me feeling heatedShake it, can't take it it, have to break itBreak if turn off yea, what'd i say bitch..BitchResponsibility's cool, but there's an ext things in lifeLike obtaining your dickRode all fucking nightBy the sort of girl that knows exactly how to save her shit tightLegs in the air, looking choose they feeling niceVolcano pussy melt her peter prefer iceAnd the drugs obtained you going earlier for more cuz you're likeI just can't get enough of that cum clutch, well alrightIts time to find one and also take oneRight nowIts time to find one and make one sayI'm downThink i just found one, bout to break one offMeanwhile...Hallucinating crazy, getting lost for miles,May have gotten too fucked up cuz ns forgot just how to smileGonna need to do this shit Jim Morrison styleWill the work? probably not, yet its worth a tryFirst hot one ns see with sex in her eyesWill it is in the hot one I should take residence with me tonightWish me luck, give me dapAnd I'll speak to girlfriend laterAnd as soon as I do lets hope my story isn't all about hatersWheres it at, cuz I want it choose manGot the drugs yet need a hot one that'll make me go damnWas the most banging guts that I ever have smashedIf you obtained it press it up on me cuz I'm feeling that ass, understand what i mean?Wheres it at?I want it I, I require it, require it to make me feeling heatedShake it, can't take it, should break itBreak if turn off yea, what'd i say bitch..Bitch"

Genre death grips Buy fatality Grips- I want it I need it (Death Heated) License: cc-by-nc-sa

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