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You’re All i Want
tune details Live AppearancesFirst and also last live appearance:Performed consistently on tour:Performed occasionally in shows:
from the album 1999 Super luxurious Edition
Performer: Prince
First Released: 29 November 2019 - 1999 Super deluxe Edition album
Album(s):1999 Super luxurious Edition

You’re All i Want (a.k.a. U’re All ns Want) is a song taped on 11 January 1982 in ~ Sunset Sound in Hollywood, California (the same day as Gigolos acquire Lonely Too, a day prior to Bold Generation). In a 2019 interview, engineer Peggy McCreary speak to Jon Bream about the record session:

Usually dressed in his customarily stylish manner, Prince showed up this time through a completely different look: bluejeans, white T-shirt, black leather motorcycle jacket, black color leather boots.

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He reduced a rocker billy song dubbed “You’re All i Want.”“It made sense since of the way he was dressed,” McCreary said. “After functioning 12 hours, i made him a cassette. He to be standing in ~ the door and also he tossed me the cassette and also said, "Happy birthday." ”He gave her his jacket, too.“I have actually an unreleased Prince song,” she said. “For him, that was one of the greatest presents he can have ever before given me. At the time, I wanted my birthday off.“That was him.”’"

The track contains facets that Prince would later revert to in Delirious, which provides a comparable bassline, and Horny Toad, where the lead synth heat is not unlike the repetitive rockabilly motif of you All ns Want.

In a session, likely at at a later date, Prince update his vocal to song the tune in falsetto and vocalize together with the melody line. He also had his (girl)friend Kim Upsher document lead vocals on the song. The song’s initial recording date and also overdub day possibly fall before Vanity was taken into consideration for the girl group The Hookers that he was emerging ideas for, and also ultimately ended up being Vanity 6. Therefore the truth he had Kim Upsher record vocals for it can indicate Prince taken into consideration using it for The Hookers.

In 2000, that was detailed (as U’re all Eye Want) as among 22 tracks Prince: A celebration event attendees can vote on for inclusion in the Crystal round Volume II release, and was preferred as one of the 17 last selections.

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It is unknown if the variation intended for inclusion to be the initial 1982 record or the 1991 variation (or even an unknown different recording). The project was eventually abandoned, however, and the track remained unreleased until the overdubbed 1982 recording was released in 2019 together the tenth track on the Vault Tracks part 1 key of a Super deluxe Edition execution of the 1999 album.

recording InformationDateStudioAdditional info
Recording Sessions
11 January 1982Sunset Sound,Hollywood, CA, USATracking
January 1982 (assumed)Kiowa Trail residence Studio in Chanhassen, MN (assumed)New lead vocal and Kim Upsher vocal Overdubs
12 may 1991Paisley Park Studios,Chanhassen, MN, USASaxophone overdubs, extr recording
record Personnel

1982 version

Kim Upsher version

1991 version

VersionsYou’re All i Want
Released Versions
TitleLengthReleasedVersionAdditional info
3:001999 Super luxurious EditionStudio

Unreleased VersionsTitleVersionAdditional InfoYou’re All ns Want
Studiolonger mix with different lead vocal from released version
You’re All ns WantStudioKim Upsher command vocal version
U’re All ns WantStudio1991 important version
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