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David Allan Coe (born September 6, 1939) is one American singer and songwriter. Coe take it up music ~ spending lot of his early on life in reform schools and prisons, and very first became noteworthy for busking in Nashville. He originally played greatly in the blues style, before transitioning to country music, ending up being a major part the the 1970s outlaw nation scene. His best hits to be "Mona Lisa lost Her Smile", "The Ride", "You never Even referred to as Me by mine Name", "She offered to Love Me a Lot", and "Longhaired Redneck". Read complete BioDavid Allan Coe (born September 6, 1939) is one American singer and songwriter. Coe take it up music ~ spending lot of his early on life in reform schools and also prisons, and first became noteworthy for busking in Nashville. He initially played mostly in the blues style, prior to transitioning to nation music, becoming a significant part the the 1970s outlaw nation scene. His biggest hits were "Mona Lisa lost Her Smile", "The Ride", "You never ever Even referred to as Me by my Name", "She provided to Love Me a Lot", and "Longhaired Redneck". His most popular songs perform by others are the number-one access time "Would girlfriend Lay with Me (In a field of Stone)" sung by Tanya Tucker and also Johnny Paycheck"s rendition the "Take This Job and Shove It". The latter motivated the movie of the very same name. Coe"s rebellious attitude, wild image, and also unconventional lifestyle set him except other nation performers, both win him soldier of fans and hindering his mainstream success by alienating the music sector establishment. Coe proceeds to be a well-known performer on the country circuit.Coe to be born in Akron, Ohio. His favourite singer together a boy was Johnny Cash. After ~ being sent out to the Starr commonwealth For boys reform institution at the age of nine, the spent much of the next twenty years in correctional facilities, consisting of three years at the Ohio Penitentiary. Coe claimed he received encouragement to begin writing songs from Screamin" Jay Hawkins, v whom he had actually spent time in prison.After concluding one more prison ax in 1967, Coe undertook a music career in Nashville, living in a hearse which he parked in former of the Ryman Auditorium while he performed top top the street. He captured the fist of Shelby Singleton, owner of the independent record label Plantation Records and also signed a contract with his label.He is the dad of Tyler Mahan Coe, who developed the country music podcast Cocaine & Rhinestones. He has actually a daughter, Shelli Coe Mackie, and is father-in-law to the late Michael Mackie, previously of Texas band "Thunderosa".Coe"s musical style derives native blues, rock, and also country music traditions. His vocal style is defined as a "throaty baritone". His lyrical contents is often humorous or comedic, with William Ruhlmann describing him together a "near-parody the a country singer". Stephen cutting board Erlewine explains Coe as "a great, unashamed country singer, singing the pure honky-tonk and also hardest country of his era <…> he may not it is in the most original outlaw, but there is none more outlaw 보다 him".Coe"s lyrics typically include references to alcohol and drug use, and are regularly boisterous and also cocky. Coe"s debut album Penitentiary Blues was described as "voodoo blues" and also "redneck music" through Allmusic"s Thom Jurek. It concentrated on themes together as functioning for the very first time, blood tests indigenous veins provided to inject heroin, prison time, hoodoo imagery, and also death. The album"s influences consisted of Charlie Rich, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley, Lightnin" Hopkins, and Tony Joe White. Coe later described to Kristofer Engelhardt of Review: "I didn"t really treatment for several of the nation music until people like Kris Kristofferson and some that those people started writing songs. They had a little more to say than just, "Oh baby I miss out on you", or whatever. Ns don"t execute anything halfway. As soon as I obtained into country music, i went back and researched it, and also learned every little thing there was to know around it. I could do impersonations the Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, Marty Robbins, just about anybody. Ns knew just around all there was to know about country music."Coe"s first country album, The mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy, has actually been explained as alt-country, "pre-punk" and also "a hillbilly version of Marc Bolan"s glitz and also glitter". Credited influences ~ above the album incorporate Merle Haggard. In his early on career, Coe was known for his unpredictable live performances, in which he would certainly ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle top top the stage and curse in ~ his audience. Coe has also performed in a rhinestone suit and a mask i beg your pardon resembled that of the Lone Ranger, calling self the "Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy".The album Rebel Meets Rebel featured a song, "Cherokee Cry", which criticizes the United claims government"s treatment of native Americans. When asked why he did no write much more political songs, Coe replied, "I live in my very own world, not thee world. I just write songs around what affects me in day-to-day life. In ~ one point I created a song that was type of a protest around when they were talking around drafting women right into the military. It was about my kid making it past the draft, yet my daughter didn"t. And also I"ve done farm Aid."In his review of Coe"s 1987 album A matter of Life...and Death, Allmusic"s Thom Jurek wrote, "Coe might have had actually some hits, but it is records like this that make one wonder if there was no a conspiracy come marginalize him and make that fail. Coe is a brilliant songwriter well into the 21st century, and deserves to it is in lauded together with the likes that Nelson and also Jennings and also Kristofferson and also Newbury – and also even Cash."