I think it"s great that you and Sam are all smooshie now, but you could give me a little screen time.

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Hey, guys.

Hey, Gibby.

Hey, Gibby.

"Sup gibwad.

Hey, it"s Gibby.

I told you I don"t like it when you manipulate my name.

Whatcha got in the bag?

Oh, sandwiches.


I was at the gas station, and they were just gonna throw these out, so... well, gimme those.

Hey! Don"t snatch my bag!


Why ya bein" so hard on gib?

Cuz he... I dunno.

I"ll tell ya why she"s bein" mean to me!

"Cuz she"s sweet on Freddie!


Y"know, ever since you started liking Freddie, you"ve been a lot meaner to Gibby.

Thank you.

Well, I gotta be mean to somebody.

No, you don"t!

I think she does.

In 5, 4, 3, 2...

♪ I know, you see ♪♪ somehow the world ♪♪ will change for me ♪♪ and be so wonderful ♪♪ live life, breathe air ♪♪ I know somehow ♪♪ we"re gonna get there ♪♪ and feel so wonderful ♪♪ it"s all for real ♪♪ I"m telling you ♪♪ just how I feel ♪♪ so wake up the members ♪♪ of my nation ♪♪ it"s your time to be ♪♪ there"s no chance ♪♪ unless you take one ♪♪ every time just see ♪♪ the brighter side ♪♪ of every situation ♪♪ some things are meant to be ♪♪ so give it your best ♪♪ and leave the rest to me ♪♪ leave it all to me ♪♪ just leave it all to me ♪

I think it"s broken.

You can break a jaw with sandwiches.

Well, someone tried.

Where are you going?

Upstairs to take a nap!

In my bed?!

I took a bath yesterday.

But, n... ohhhh.

For the movie.

Oh yeah, let"s roll.

Wait, wait!

You have to re-edit super bra.

Uh, we"ll take a look at it later.

Bye Carls!

But... wait.

Hey, do I smell sandwiches?

Why"d you push me back in?

I just saw my mom get off the elevator.

Aw crab. I said crab.


Y"know, eventually, you"re gonna have to tell your mom that you and Sam are dating.

Oh really?

You wanna see my mom burst into flames?!


That"d be cool.

Freddie, are you in there?

Come home, it"s time for your tick bath.

Now what?

No worries, we"ll take the "vator.

Tell his batty mom you haven"t seen him or me.



No-no-no. Doop de doop.

I am not gonna lie to your mother.

Why not?

Because when you tell one lie, it just leads to another lie and then another lie, and before you know it, you"re...

You"re a guy tellin" multiple lies.

Oh, c"mon, when that girl with no teeth kept comin" over here, I lied for you.

Fredward Benson?!

Fine, I"ll lie. Go.



Y"know, you guys could invite me to go to the movie with you.

Uhhh... Yep, we could... If we... wanted... to... Okay!

Goodbye Carly!

Okay, alright, whatever.


Good evening, Mrs. Benson.

You"re looking fresh.

Where"s Freddie?

I... I sent Freddie to the supermarket... Why?

To pick up some... Yaaa... Yeee... yeast.



You can"t... bake bread without yeast, right?

Why would you be baking bread?


Because... see... I"m... Starting a bread business.

Right here, out of our own apartment.

Well, if you needed yeast, you could"ve just asked me.

I"ll be right back with some.

No no... Freddie"s gonna get me all the yeast that I need...

That is the last lie I"m ever gonna tell.

Last, but not yeast.

Oh my!

Why did you stop this elevator?

Hello, Mrs. Benson.


I"ve got some information for ya.

What kind of information?

Wait... I brought you a flashlight, too.

What is this about?

I"m gonna show you some photos.

What"s that?

That"s just me in the bathroom... There"s me brushin" my Cat"s teeth... He hated that... Ah... look at this.


And this.

That"s right.

Your son, Freddie, is dating Sam.

I"m Lisa lillien... with one of my all-time favorite ingredients a vita-pop to make a freezie cool banana whoopie pie.

Now what is a whoopie pie?

Do you know... she"s a genius!

I"m sorry, but you had to know.

Well, my Freddie is not going to date that gutter girl!


If you tell Freddie he can"t date Sam, it"s just gonna make him wanna date her more.

Why are you telling me all this?

"Cuz I don"t like Sam and Freddie dating either.

It makes Sam be all mean to me.

All right... So what are we gonna do?

You know about palladium?

The precious metal?

That"s right.

I"m home.

Oh lemme guess... Sam and Freddie are with you.

No... Sam, Freddie, and Gibby are with me.

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Ooo, terrific!

Okay, why are you on the jank?

"Cuz I was forced to lie to Freddie"s mom!

I told her I was starting a bread business and I will not let anyone call me a liar.