Billable code Billable codes are sufficient justification for admission to one acute care hospital when offered a primary diagnosis.

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G24.9 is a billable code offered to specify a diagnosis the dystonia, unspecified. A \"billable code\" is thorough enough come be used to point out a medical diagnosis.

Dyskinesia describes a group of activity disorders that are defined by involuntary muscle movements, including movements similar to tics or chorea and also diminished voluntary movements. Dyskinesia have the right to be anything indigenous a slight nervous of the hands to an uncontrollable motion of the upper body or lower extremities. Discoordination can likewise occur internally specifically with the respiratory muscles and it regularly goes unrecognized. Dyskinesia is a symptom that several medical disorders the are distinguished by their underlying cause.

MeSH Code:D020820 9 Code:333.8

Coding Notes for G24.9 details for clinical coders on just how to effectively use this code

Inclusion Terms:
Inclusion terms inclusion Terms room a perform of ideas for which a details code is used. The list of Inclusion terms is helpful for determining the correct password in part cases, but the perform is not necessarily exhaustive.

MS-DRG Mapping

DRG group #091-093 - other disorders that nervous system with MCC. DRG team #091-093 - various other disorders the nervous system with CC. DRG team #091-093 - various other disorders the nervous system without CC or MCC. alphabet Index referrals for \"G24.9 - Dystonia, unspecified\"

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This is the official approximate enhance mapping between princetoneclub.org9 and also princetoneclub.org10, as noted by the basic Equivalency mapping crosswalk.This method that while over there is no precise mapping in between this princetoneclub.org10 code G24.9 and also a single princetoneclub.org9 code, 333.89 is one approximate enhance for comparison and also conversion purposes.

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