by Kristen Marks

Hmm. I think they are charging united state for two chickens rather of one ns told Andrew.

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Andrew looked in ~ the check. Granted, it remained in Spanish, yet he agreed the looked choose two chickens were top top the tab.

We were on the tail end of a 2 week family vacation in Panama and also running short on cash so us were counting every penny. Us were dining at a hole in the wall surface locals place that offered fresh cooking chicken roasted in a fire pit on site.

My husband, working out his Spanish language prowess, test to define to ours server that we were being charged for twin the food once we had only ordered one chicken because that our family to share.

The server looked really confused but, after much pantomiming and smiling on our parts, talked to the manager and also brought us a brand-new bill.

On the means back to our motel, our bellies full, we all commented around how tasty and also moist our meal was, particularly the drumsticks.


Jill had a drumstick.

Drew had actually a drumstick.

Andrew ate a drumstick.

And I had a damn tasty drumstick.

By my, albeit slow, calculations, if anyone ate a drumstick, we either screwed the restaurant out of half the tab or we simply ate a four legged chicken!


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I wish I can tell you the we went back to the Panamanian restaurant to salary the remainder of ours tab. But, alas, we had actually just around run out of cash because that the trip and the restaurant did no accept credit transaction cards.

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Although we will likely never go back to that certain restaurant again (if it is even still in organization eight years later), i will never forget the prestige of clear interaction with others despite any language barriers.