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ECON 102. Values of Microeconomics. 3 Units.

This food is an introduction to microeconomic theory, giving a structure for future study in economics. In particular, that addresses exactly how individuals and also businesses make options concerning the use of scarce resources, exactly how prices and incomes are determined in competitive markets, and also how market power influence the prices and also quantities of goods accessible to society. Us will additionally examine the affect of federal government intervention in the economy.

ECON 103. Values of Macroeconomics. 3 Units.

While Microeconomics watch at individual consumers and also firms, Macroeconomics looks at the economic situation as a whole. The emphasis of this course will be on the company cycle. Unemployment, inflation and also national manufacturing all change with the business cycle. We will certainly look at just how these space measured, their previous behavior and at theoretical models the attempt to explain this behavior. We will additionally look at the role of the commonwealth Government and the federal Reserve financial institution of the United states in regulating the organization cycle.

ECON 307. Intermediate Macro Theory. 3 Units.

Macroeconomics studies accumulation indicators that the power of an economy, most commonly measured in terms of GDP, and also the rates of unemployment and inflation. Critical goal the macroeconomic researchers is to develop a model of an economic situation that is simple, yet powerful enough to describe the historic trends that these accumulation economic indicators. Needless to say, comes up with a great model has actually remained a very challenging task. So far, there is no single model the is an excellent enough come coherently describe even the many prominent historic trends of accumulation economic indicators. But several models have been built, every offering understanding into a certain aspect the the economy. Transparent the food model building is encouraged by real people princetoneclub.orgs native the American economy.Prereq: ECON 102 and also ECON 103.

ECON 308. Intermediate Micro Theory. 3 Units.

This course builds top top ECON 102 and provides a an ext in-depth evaluation of the concept of the consumer, the concept of the firm, sector equilibrium, industry failure and also government intervention in the market. The focus in this class is ~ above intuition, rather than math derivations, return there will be some. You need to come far from this course through a greater understanding of how consumers and also firms make their decisions and how they interact in the industry place. Note: a college student cannot receive level credit because that both ECON 308 and ECON 309.Prereq: ECON 102 and (MATH 121 or MATH 125).

ECON 309. Intermediate Micro Theory: Calculus-Based. 3 Units.

This food builds on business economics 102 and also provides a more in-depth analysis of the theory of the consumer, the concept of the firm, market equilibrium, market failure and government intervention in the market. We will use calculus to derive supply, demand and market equilibrium from an initial principles. You should come away from this course v a greater understanding of exactly how consumers and also firms do their decisions and how they connect in the market place. Note: a student cannot receive degree credit for both ECON 308 and ECON 309.Prereq: ECON 102 and (MATH 122 or MATH 126).

ECON 312. Businessman Finance - Undergraduate. 3 Units.

This food explores the financing and financial monitoring of entrepreneurial brand-new ventures. The course will emphasis on issues of financial monitoring of new ventures (forecasting cash flows, cash circulation management, valuation, capital structure) and the various financial methods and also mechanisms available to business man (bootstrapping, point of view investors, undertaking capitalists, IPOs).Offered together ENTP 310 and ECON 312.Prereq or Coreq: ACCT 100 or ACCT 101 or Requisites not Met permission.

ECON 326. Econometrics. 4 Units.

Econometrics is the applications of statistics to empirical financial analysis. One way of experimentation the validity of economic theories is to gather data and also apply statistical tests to watch if the data support the theory. These data room usually gathered through observing really economies, firms and consumers, fairly than by performing experiments in a laboratory. Due to the fact that field data go not have actually the precision and also control of activities data, experts must compensate through adjusting their statistical procedures. In this class, we will concentrate on regression analysis, which is the basic tool of the economic researcher. We will study the assumptions commonly make in the application of this technique, the results of violating these assumptions, and the correction that have the right to be made. Student will have actually a possibility to formulate and test their very own hypotheses using econometric software easily accessible for personal computers.Prereq: ECON 102 and ECON 103 and (OPRE 207 or STAT 243 or STAT 312).

ECON 327. Advanced Econometrics. 3 Units.

This class builds top top the foundations of applied regression evaluation developed in ECON 326. The score of the class is to equip students with the tools to conduct a causal analysis of a hypothesis in a range of settings. Subject will include causality, panel and also time series data, critical variables and also quasi-experiments, semi- and also non-parametric methods, and also treatment evaluation.Offered together ECON 327 and also ECON 427.Prereq: ECON 326.

ECON 328. Developing Experiments because that Social Science, Policy, and also Management. 3 Units.

Both economists and also firms are significantly relying on experiment to examine the economic behavior of individuals and the effectiveness of policies in a wide variety of settings. This course gives students the devices they should design and critique experiments the answer a research or organization question. A small component of the course will be dedicated to essential theoretical ideas in experimental design, such together treatments, factorial designs, randomization, internal and also external validity, biases, and inference problems. The bulk will be dedicated to learning about how these ideas come together by discussing exciting new experimental work-related on subject such together discrimination and also identity, cooperation versus self-interest, and dishonesty and also corruption.Prereq: ECON 102 and (OPRE 207, STAT 201, STAT 243, STAT 312, ANTH 319, or PSCL 282).

ECON 329. Video game Theory: The business economics of thinking Strategically. 3 Units.

The term "game theory" refers to the set of tools financial experts use to think about strategic interaction among little groups the individuals and also firms. The primary purpose that this food is to introduce students to the straightforward concepts of video game theory and its applications. The course will stress and anxiety the usage of game theory as a tool for building models the important economic phenomena. The class will likewise include a variety of experiments design to illustrate the video game theoretic results, and also to highlight exactly how reality might depart native the theory. The course will stress the worth of reasoning strategically and administer students v a framework for reasoning strategically in their everyday lives. Rather than approaching each strategic instance they encounter together a distinct problem, students will be taught to identify patterns in the cases they face and also to generalize from specific experiences. A file on an applications of game theory will certainly be required for graduate students.Offered together ECON 329 and also ECON 429.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 330. Economic Behavior and Psychology. 3 Units.

This food is an development to behavioral Economics, a growing field i beg your pardon incorporates insights from various other disciplines--primarily psychology-- right into microeconomic models. We will cover basic aspects the decision-making, such together how world respond come risk, how human being make trade-offs in between short-term and long-term rewards, and the methods in which people aren"t as selfish as standard economic models suggest. We will cover novel financial models that can accommodate phenomena such as altruism, loss aversion, and also self-control problems. Us will discuss empirical applications of these ideas in locations ranging from personal finance and also health come marketing and public policy.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 332. Economic analysis of job Markets. 3 Units.

This course explores the business economics of work and pay. Us take a substantial look at labor markets in the U.S. And other progressed countries and also examine connected social plan issues. These encompass the impact of union on wages; the underpinnings of the income distribution of the U.S.; issues of poverty and welfare; discrimination and also wage differential by gender and race; the relationship between work and also family; education as a determinant the wages; immigration and also migration, and the way firms use wage and employment practices to motivate their employees to work productively. What provides labor business economics special is the the commodity we research is human being labor, something the is main to the organization of our lives and also the functioning of the economy. Labor economics thus uses the typical neoclassical design of demand, supply, and equilibrium come many locations that likewise have a profound human dimension.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 338. Law and Economics. 3 Units.

This course examines legal institutions and rules indigenous an financial perspective. College student will learn when and also how legit rules have the right to be efficient. Topics will incorporate property regulation (including pundit property), tort law, contracts, and also crime. Available as ECON 338 and ECON 438.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 341. Money and Banking. 3 Units.

This course emphasizes the prominence of jae won markets, the nature and function of the gaue won system, and also the linkages in between these--money and banking--and the economy. Emphasis is inserted on both theoretical and practical constructs, on major innovations and modern changes, and the closely intertwined condition of financial and economic systems with monetary and also fiscal policy.Offered together BAFI 341 and also ECON 341.

ECON 342. Windy Finance. 3 Units.

Government intervention is a pervasive attribute of every modern economy. The score of this food is to construct the economic tools for knowledge and assessing a wide selection of government behaviors such as taxation and redistribution policy, the public provision the goods and services, and also the regulation of personal markets. ECON 342 starts by considering "market failures" the justify government intervention in a market economy. Come respond to together failures, federal governments must raise revenues through taxation. Utilizing the devices of microeconomic theory, we will build a structure for thinking about the positive and also normative effects of alternative forms of taxation. Certain attention will be payment to the individual earnings tax in the U.S., enabling students to recognize the efficiency, distributional and behavioral implications of recent changes in the taxation code. We will certainly then rotate to the expenditure next of the public sector. The financial principles offered to evaluate public expenditures will be discussed and exemplified v the analysis of far-reaching public programs. Of particular interest will be the effect of public programs on the incentives faced by workers and families.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 346. Economic Perspectives. 3 Units.

This food examines important modern-day and historical concerns from an economic perspective. It permits students come think about the civilization "like one economist." feasible topics of current interest include the revolution of east Europe; ethnic and also racial strife; environmental policy and also sustainable development; and also professional sports.

ECON 350. Local and metropolitan Economics: The of Israel. 3 Units.

The score of this course is to build a deep expertise of core worry in local and urban economics. Israel, by dint of its unique background and geo-political environment, gives a fascinating study on the impact of refugees and immigration, urban planning and governance, defense concerns, inequities and discrimination, labor force participation, poverty, environmentalism, and local cooperation. This course offers a discovering experience around these object both via class time at Israeli universities and also through visits to closely chosen sites throughout the country. The trip includes a little amount of discretionary time for visiting spiritually far-ranging sites together well. Counts for CAS an international & cultural Diversity Requirement.Prereq: ECON 102 or ECON 103.

ECON 351. Startup nation Trip Course. 3 Units.

The course offers an possibility to experience, very first hand, Israel"s raging start-up economy. Students will visit few of the country"s sexy high-tech companies and also meet face-to-face with height entrepreneurs and investors. The course will satisfy with prominent figures in the Israeli invention scene, consisting of directors of top accelerators; peak angel investors; leaders of that company innovation; and representatives of governmental entrepreneurship agencies. Topics will certainly include: the function of armed forces in spurring innovation, public support for innovation, biotech, water, energy, cyber security, and brand-new funding models.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 364. Economic evaluation of service Strategies. 3 Units.

This food examines just how companies compete against each other and also interact v customers in an initiative to rise profits. Object include: pricing strategies, product differentiation, advertising, R&D strategies, bundling and tie-ins, entry barriers, mergers and also acquisitions, collusion and also cartels, the dynamics the network sectors (e.g. Details technology), and technology adoption and also diffusion. The course will take two complementary perspectives. First, us will take into consideration the suggest of view of companies, and ask how different business strategies can influence competitive success. Second, we will think about the perspective of consumers and policymakers: we will ask whether different firm strategies improve or reduce social welfare, and will explore different policy alternatives to increase welfare (e.g. Antitrust policies, patent systems). The first part of the course will make use of a range of straightforward economic tools. In the second part of the course, we will apply what to be learned in the very first part come real examples of firms and also industries, consisting of both business and also legal princetoneclub.orgs.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 368. Environmental Economics. 3 Units.

Economic models and also reasoning carry out a beneficial lens v which come view countless of the many intractable and also perplexing environmental problems. The target of this class is to use the tools of a common introductory or intermediate microeconomics food to topics involving the natural environment. The is, we will view ecological topics native the perspective of one economist. Object that will be spanned in this course include: industry failure in the of externalities and also public items provision; management of renewable resources; cost-effective pollution control; and energy use and worldwide climate change. Possibly the many exciting part of this course is the we will take tools from the classroom and apply them come ongoing eco-friendly questions. Lectures will incorporate guest gift from professionals who are proactively working on ecological challenges. Readily available as ECON 368 and also ECON 468.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 369. Economics of technical Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 3 Units.

This food is design to assist students identify, evaluate, and obtain regulate over technical opportunities for this reason they may successfully understand the obstacles of starting brand-new companies. The course focuses on four themes: 1) the source, discovery and also evaluation of technical opportunities; 2) the process of arranging a brand-new firm to produce brand-new technology that satisfies the needs of customers; 3) the acquisition of financial and also human resources essential to exploit technical opportunities; and also 4) the breakthrough of mechanism to evaluate the return from exploitation of technical opportunities.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 372. International Finance. 3 Units.

This course encounters open-economy macroeconomics and also international gaue won markets, covering open-economy national income analysis, global macroeconomic policy coordination, exchange price determination, foreign portfolio investment, and an international financial crises.Offered together BAFI 372 and also ECON 372.Prereq: ECON 103.

ECON 373. Worldwide Trade. 3 Units.

This course faces international trade theories and policies, covering: benefit from and also patterns the trade; immigration; foreign direct investment; protectionism; multilateral trade liberalization; regionalism; and the costs and benefits that globalization within, and also among, nations.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 374. Jae won Regulation. 3 Units.

This course will carry out students through an understanding of the economic underpinnings of jae won regulation as it exists in the United says today. The course will certainly highlight salient facets of jae won markets, such together asymmetric information and also the chains of exposures linking financial sector participants, that make financial regulation both necessary and also yet problematic. Focus will be put on the difference between regulations on separation, personal, instance financial firms as contrasted with regulating because that systemic jae won stability. The course will be design to: (1) administer enhanced knowledge of financial sectors to undergraduate students who have already taken ECON/BAFI 341 (Money and also Banking); (2) administer institutional insight to master"s level finance students; (3) highlight the applications of welfare analysis to financial regulation, and also (4) teach all students come think critically around regulatory arbitrage and the dynamic development of regulation markets.Prereq: ECON 102, ECON 103 and (ECON 341 or BAFI 341).

ECON 375. Economics of occurring Countries. 3 Units.

This course focuses on international aspects of financial development. The ax "developing country" is often characterized as a country that exhibits short per capita income, high poverty level, short level that industrialization, or low life expectancy. In regards to size, the occurring countries comprise at least three-fourth the the civilization population. Why do we examine those countries" economies separately native the industrialized economies? In fact, low economic growth, high unemployment, or high poverty rates additionally exist in many emerged countries. The distinctions lie no in the varieties of problems yet in the causes of this problems. In addition, differences in the sort of establishments that prevail in occurring countries additionally lead to different policy prescriptions. Among developing countries, differences in historical experience, social practices, political institutions and economic problems are also enormous. Illustrations and also explanations that those distinctions are detailed from a wide variety of emerging countries.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 376. Within the jae won Crisis. 3 Units.

This is a study in the occasions surrounding the 2007 an international financial crisis. The food will construct from an essential economic concepts into a considerable analysis the the elements, which resulted in the collapse and also the modern policy debates about the recovery. The lift for conflict will come indigenous an analysis of: housing and housing finance; bank runs and also Bear Sterns; mortgage donate securities; and also toxic asset purchases. The course will certainly then examine significant components of the Dodd-Frank plot and allow students to evaluate whether the action will attend to the reasons of the 2007 situation and more importantly establish the conditions to prevent a future crisis.Prereq: ECON 102 and ECON 103.

ECON 377. Object in monetary Policy. 3 Units.

Central financial institutions have become enormously powerful economic establishments in numerous countries, yet your purposes and also functions space widely misunderstood. This course is designed come enrich one"s expertise of how main banks, such as the federal Reserve System, in reality operate; exactly how they have been adapting to changes in the economic and financial landscape; and how they have actually been adapting to transforms in technology. The course will highlight present monetary plan and central banking concerns being dealt with in the joined States and elsewhere. The course will emphasize the connection between economic theory and the practice of central banking. Whereby relevant, topics will be check from a multi-country perspective, so the the practices of number of different nations may it is in compared and contrasted.Prereq: ECON 102 and ECON 103.

ECON 378. Health care Economics. 3 Units.

Healthcare accounts because that over one-sixth of the U.S. National economy and over one-eighth that its workforce, shares the have considerably increased end the critical 50 years. The rapid growth in medical care spending has actually accompanied farming concerns about the quality and also efficiency the U.S. Healthcare delivery and persistent disparities in accessibility to care. Are these pertains to justified? If so, what deserve to policymakers perform - and what space they law - to attend to them? The purpose of this food is to build the analytical skills necessary for understanding exactly how the U.S. Health care sector operates, how it has evolved, the forces at work-related behind regarded deficiencies (in access, quality and also cost control), and also the expected impact of different policy proposals. These concerns are addressed with the lens of microeconomic theory. Under this framework, outcomes an outcome from the communication of decision made by participants in the healthcare economic situation (e.g. Patients, providers, insurers, government), v those decision governed by the preferences, incentives and source constraints dealing with each decision-maker. This course need to be of certain interest to students that envision future careers in healthcare delivery, healthcare management, medicine and machine innovation, health and wellness insurance or windy health, and other policy-oriented students search to understand the contentious concerns in health care policymaking.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 386. City Economics. 3 Units.

Microeconomic concept as taught in values (and also intermediate) walk not generally take into account the truth that goods, people, and information should travel in order come interact. Rather, sectors are implicitly modeled together if everyone and also everything is in ~ a single point in space. In the an initial part the the course, us will research the effects of spatial ar for financial analysis. In the second component of the class, we will usage microeconomic devices to understand urban problems. Topics that we will cover incorporate urban growth, suburbanization, floor use, poverty, housing, neighborhood government, transportation, education, and also crime.Prereq: ECON 102.

ECON 391. Advanced Topics and Writing in Economics. 3 Units.

This course is defined by intense yet open-ended pundit inquiry, guided by analysis from major and second sources, and also will encompass extensive exercise in written and oral communication. The emphasis will it is in on modern-day economic issues and scholarship, and assumes a high level of capacity in undergraduate economics training. Specifically, this course provides an avenue for an intellectual discourse on few of the most difficult present day financial issues, and also we will certainly rigorously think and write around how economic ideas can be used to virtually any type of topic, issue and also event in the social world. Students will be challenged throughout the course to think and also write favor an economist and also see the people through the economist"s lens. Counts together SAGES Departmental Seminar.Prereq: (ECON 308 or ECON 309) and also (ECON 326 or BAFI 361).

ECON 395. The economic situation in the American Century. 3 Units.

This class provides an authorized SAGES capstone experience for economics majors. It provides American economic background as an arena because that a finishing application of the varied knowledge and an abilities students have actually acquired throughout their undergraduate careers. The twenty century American economic climate was shame by a series of changes that do our stays profoundly different from those live by americans in 1900. Attempting to know these transformations has actually shaped the technique of economics. Events and also processes such together mass migration, the good Depression, the expansion of women"s joining in the workforce, and also suburbanization produced questions the economists occurred theories and bodies of empirical proof to answer. Students will synthesize knowledge collected in their prior undergraduate examine to tackle large questions posed by the history of the American economy during the 20th century. These inquiries cover the spectrum of economic life and scholarship, from finance and modern technology to human capital and gender. Students type teams to tackle critical question developed in consultation with the instructor. Each team will certainly be responsible because that educating the course on their study findings with researching and delivering a class-length presentation and preparing readings and exam questions. Student will develop an separation, personal, instance final record related to their team"s topic that expresses their own scholarly perspective and also interest. Counts together SAGES an elderly Capstone.Prereq: junior or senior standing.

ECON 397. Honors research I. 3 Units.

All student admitted to the Honors regimen will undertake an elevation research project (Senior Thesis) under the accuse of a faculty member (Thesis Advisor). ECON 397 is provided to specify the topic, review relevant literature, formulate hypotheses, and collect ideal data towards completing their research project. College student will have the duty of providing continual progress reports to your thesis advisor highlighting the work accomplished to date, the immediate difficulties confronting them, and also a plan to complete the project while remaining.Prereq: ECON 102, ECON 103, ECON 326 and also ECON 308 or ECON 309; small standing and minimum GPA of 3.3 in ECON significant and 3.0 overall.

ECON 398. Honors research study II. 3 Units.

This is the 2nd course in a two course succession to complete the Honors Research regime in Economics. Counts as SAGES senior Capstone.Prereq: A grade of B or greater in ECON 397.

ECON 399. Individual Readings and also Research. 1 - 6 Units.

Intensive examination of a object selected by the student. A student should receive permission native the program administrator prior to the start of the term, and also permission will only be granted in princetoneclub.orgs whereby the student has a clear learning plan and objectives in utilizing the independent readings/research option that cannot be met through accessible course offerings.

ECON 427. Progressed Econometrics. 3 Units.

This class builds ~ above the foundations of used regression evaluation developed in ECON 326. The goal of the class is to equip students through the tools to conduct a causal analysis of a theory in a range of settings. Topics will include causality, panel and time collection data, critical variables and quasi-experiments, semi- and non-parametric methods, and treatment evaluation.Offered together ECON 327 and ECON 427.

ECON 429. Game Theory: The economics of reasoning Strategically. 3 Units.

The hatchet "game theory" describes the set of tools economists use to think around strategic interaction among small groups that individuals and firms. The primary purpose that this food is to present students to the basic concepts of video game theory and also its applications. The class will anxiety the use of video game theory together a tool for building models that important financial phenomena. The class will likewise include a number of experiments designed to highlight the game theoretic results, and to highlight exactly how reality might depart indigenous the theory. The food will stress and anxiety the value of thinking strategically and carry out students through a framework for reasoning strategically in their daily lives. Rather than approaching each strategic instance they encounter together a distinct problem, students will be taught to identify patterns in the instances they face and to generalize from specific experiences. A record on an application of game theory will certainly be compelled for graduate students.Offered together ECON 329 and also ECON 429.

ECON 431. Business economics of Negotiation and also Conflict Resolution. 3 Units.

Students frequently enroll in a negotiation course with one thought in mind--negotiating a better job sell from an employer. They quickly learn, however, the negotiation an abilities can perform far more than enhance a paycheck. Negotiations take place everywhere: in marriages, in divorces, in tiny work teams, in huge organizations, in getting a job, in losing a job, in deal making, in decision making, in plank rooms, and in court rooms. The exceptional thing about negotiations is that, where they occur, they room governed by comparable principles. The present wave of that company restructuring makes the research of negotiations particularly important because that M.B.A.s. Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and also joint ventures speak to into question well created business and employment relationships. Navigating this choppy waters by building new relationships calls for the negotiation an abilities that you will learn in this class. Offered as ECON 431 and ORBH 413.

ECON 438. Law and Economics. 3 Units.

This food examines legal institutions and rules indigenous an economic perspective. Students will discover when and also how legit rules have the right to be efficient. Subject will include property legislation (including pundit property), tort law, contracts, and also crime. Available as ECON 338 and also ECON 438.

ECON 468. Ecological Economics. 3 Units.

Economic models and reasoning provide a an important lens through which to view countless of the many intractable and also perplexing environmental problems. The objective of this course is to use the devices of a usual introductory or intermediate microeconomics food to topics entailing the natural environment. That is, we will view environmental topics indigenous the perspective of an economist. Subject that will be spanned in this course include: industry failure in the that externalities and also public goods provision; monitoring of renewable resources; cost-effective contamination control; and also energy use and an international climate change. Maybe the most exciting part of this course is the we will take tools from the classroom and also apply them come ongoing ecological questions. Lectures will incorporate guest presentations from professionals who are proactively working on ecological challenges. Available as ECON 368 and ECON 468.Prereq: MBAC 512.

ECON 501. One-of-a-kind Problems and also Topics. 1 - 18 Units.

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This course is offered, with permission, come students undertaking reading in a field of one-of-a-kind interest. west Reserve University


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