IL-2 Sturmovik: battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has collection the typical for pc combat trip games for an ext than ten years. This new entry right into the collection will market virtual pilots an even much more accurate simulation the the most famous air war of human being War II. Far better quality of content, larger scale, brand-new physics, an ext realistic aerodynamics and new game elements set this title apart from every which came before. We have actually only one score - To give you a New greater Level the Immersion!

Key Features

Robust Single-Player project that attributes a challenging and innovative AI system. Includes substantial in-game achievement system that allows players to unlock in the history based plane modifications and upgrades as your campaign progresses. Realistic graphics and also unique intuitive effects: clouds, lightning, tracers, explosions and huge smoke plumes - all of them fully realized come recreate the aerial combat scenerey of war time Stalingrad. Flexible rapid Mission setting that allows you to develop your own custom combat scenario in just a couple of minutes. Classic Multiplayer gameplay with dedicated player regulated servers with your favourite setups for team battles and also dogfight duels.

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