Local spooks abound top top the eastern Shore!

As you leave the hustle and also bustle of D.C. And Annapolis, there"s a quiet neighborhood called Ellendale tucked into some fields throughout the only Bridge. Monitor the road a small farther and the houses give means to an ext land that you can imagine was as soon as a flourishing farm, opening up to a beautiful manor house. The Kent Manor Innis as old as it is big. Building started in 1820, and the residence was increased up for years after, only to be renovated and revived in 1987. The center part of the home was constructed by Alexander Williamson Thompson just prior to the civil War. He live there, yet he passed away there too.

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Now both aninn and also wedding venue, renowned with tourists and newlyweds, Kent Manor Inn is also infamous because that being haunted. The rumor is "Alex" still lives in the manor after dice in his 50s in what is now room 209. (Some sites claim room 210 is whereby he committed suicide and where the paranormal happenings are many ... Well ... happening.)

Does this room look haunted to you? might be... Courtesy the kentmanor.com

The Evidence

I in reality remember when the short article was published in The bay Times, Kent Island"s regional newspaper. Back in 2003, Kent Manor Inn made the front page and also was peppered through stories from the manor"s very own employees. The door come the balcony blows open once there"s no wind. Housekeepers have the right to feel your hair being tugged as they walk under the hall. Alexander was known in life together a womanizer, and also apparently he"s still fairly the flirt!Guests have actually filed complaints about the TV in room 209 turning on and off throughout the night. Inexplicable pipe and also tobacco smoke filling the air. Drink tumble off tables.

Other Allegations

According to Mindie Burgoyne, writer ofHaunted eastern Shore(Arcadia Press), you can sometimes check out an apparition that a man riding a horse down the roadway toward the manor. Internet dwellers re-publishing the story that "the young girl with flowing hair" appearing in their third-floor room. An additional commenter speak of waking in the middle of the night come the icy feeling of someone leaning over them, a hand on their arm, ghostly breath in their face.

I to walk the roadway up to Kent Manor Inn virtually nightly. As it was standing now, it"s hard to imagine it being haunted. The story at the very least don"t sound sinister in nature. Yet looking earlier on what the houselooked like before restoration...

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Courtesy of easternshorebrent.com.

... And also I deserve to imagine points going bang in the night there!

Have you been to Kent Manor Inn? If friend have, share your suffer (ghostly or otherwise)in the comments! If you haven"t, be sure to to speak "hi" to Alex if you watch him next time you"re there!