The direct expense is the cost that is straight or positively regarded the manufacturing of the product

It consists of direct product cost, straight labor cost.

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The direct cost i.e straight material cost and also the straight labor cost are directly charged to the handling department due to the fact that on this department, there are a number of processes with which it deserve to make a perfect product

Moreover, the expense is not identifiable and also the manufacturing of items is engaged in the exact same nature.

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Benefits that a long Term Strategy having a long term plan for your company shows the you space in it for the lengthy haul. Learning where you want to it is in in three, five or even ten year can aid you choose the temporary plans of one organization
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Consider the complying with production and cost data for 2 products, L and also C: Product together Product C donation margin every unit $24
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Largest feasible total contribution margin = $127,800


Whenever a company is faced with a limiting variable i.e a source in short supply, the firm should point out the resource to the product with he highest possible contribution every unit of the fear resource

The greatest contribution native the 4,200 maker hours could be identified as follows:

Step 1 : contribution per hour

Contribution per an equipment hour = donation per unit/ machine hour

Product l Product C

$ $

Contribution 24 18

Machine hour 3 2

Contribution every hour 8/ hr 9/hr

Ranking second 1st

Product C would certainly be produced using the entire device hours. Act so would generate the highest contribution possible.

Contribution = contribution per hour × machine hours

= 9 × 14,200 = $127,800

Largest feasible total donation margin = $127,800

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Which that the following is the most likely instance of a production industry
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paper industry, chemistry industry, pharmaceutical industry, fashion industry, digital industry

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International Finance Problem set on Working capital Management1. Rossignol Co. Manufactures and sells skis and snowboards in Fr
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Consider the adhering to explanation


Please note that if cash demands are combined, typical requirement of an unified entity can be just summed up, however same is no true for typical deviation as it is not additive.

So very first we should calculate the variance by taking square that SD, then we amount it for every the ar to acquire variance of merged entity and then us take square root again to gain the SD of merged entity.

Keep in mind that we have the right to take a simple summation that variance because of the reality that requirement in various locations space independent of every other and their correlation coefficient is = 0.

Solution is given through following image paper -


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On January 2, Jasmine’s Beauty provides Inc. Issued check 3100 for $300 to develop a petty cash fund. ~ above January 31, examine 315
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See the attached because that the and also further explanation.


Petty cash money is a fund set side to small and unimportant costs to mitigate costs and inconvenience of having actually to record and also write examine for them all the time.

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Note: See the attached because that the and further explanation.

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