I am at this time enrolled in a course where, i think, the professor is repeatedly confusing percent increase and also factor through which something increases.

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There is a distinction isn"t there? I"m no going crazy right here am I?

As I know it, to calculation the percent increase I would do:

$$IV = early stage \; value\\FV = last \; value\\Assume \; FV > IV\\\% \, Inc. = \left( \fracFV - IVIV \right) * 100 = \left( \fracFVIV - 1 \right) * 100$$

If I want the factor through which the value boosted with respect come the initial worth I would take the ratio of the final value come the initial:

$$Inc. \; variable = \fracFVIV$$

To reiterate, these room not the same things. I just want come make sure I"m not confusing anything before I suggest it the end to him and also ask for clarification.

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asked Feb 14 "17 at 0:19

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Yes, what you display is correct.

For example, a value going indigenous 8 to 12 is a 50% increase. Friend can also say it was enhanced by a aspect of 1.5.

People sometimes acquire a tiny sloppy with this. If it"s clear sufficient from context what the professor yes, really means, I would let it go. If you"re the professor, it"s yes sir to insist your students usage the state correctly. Once you"re the student, it"s much better to reserve picking a fight because that something an ext important.

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reply Feb 14 "17 at 12:07

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