LightingAvg. Locally-deformable PRT (Bat)4.45 fps5.34 fpsBetter bright effects.+20%
ReflectionAvg. High dynamic range lighting (Teapot)4.12 fps5.44 fpsMuch better reflection handling.+32%
MRenderAvg. Render target selection GShader (Sphere)5.19 fps5.29 fps+2%
GravityAvg. NBody particle mechanism (Galaxy)4.6 fps5.49 fpsFaster NBody calculation.+19%

LightingLocally-deformable PRT (Bat)5.1 fps6.4 fpsBetter height lighting effects.+25%
ReflectionHigh dynamic variety lighting (Teapot)10.7 fps12.7 fpsBetter peak reflection handling.+19%
MRenderRender target selection GShader (Sphere)7.3 fps8.2 fpsFaster optimal multi rendering.+12%
GravityNBody particle system (Galaxy)5.3 fps7.9 fpsMuch much faster peak NBody calculation.+49%

industry ShareMarket re-superstructure (trailing 30 days)0.69 %1.01 %Much greater market share.+46%
User RatingUBM User Rating52 %55 %Slightly an ext popular.+6%

AgeNewest82+ Months71+ MonthsMore recent.+13%
ParallaxParallax occlusion mapping (Stones)7.2 fps7.2 fps
SplattingForce Splatted Flocking (Swarm)8.1 fps10.3 fpsFaster peak complicated splatting.+27%
ParallaxAvg. Parallax occlusion mapping (Stones)6.21 fpsSlightly much better texture detail.+5% 5.91 fps
SplattingAvg. Pressure Splatted Flocking (Swarm)5.73 fps6.68 fpsFaster facility splatting.+17%


While not the worst Intel graphic I"ve used, it"s definitely far native the best. Credit wherein credit is due, though, for a 6 year old screen adapter this isn"t as well horrible. 


For Intel HD, and also because I offered it because that years, this is in reality pretty good for what it is 

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