Bendy: The Dark Descent

Horror games, because that me, hardly ever stimulate any part of mine being. Maybe I’m too used to the jump-scare techniques developers pull or perhaps my guard is increased too high, yet it is rare for me to obtain shocked through a “scary” game. Even the well known Amnesia: The Dark Descent did tiny to rattle mine bones, but it additionally didn’t rely specifically on horror to obtain a climb out that players.

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Walking into the RTX demo because that Bendy and the squid Machine, the only thing ns knew was the it to be a mental horror adventure. Ns figured I would be steadfast in mine resolve and also not run a bit and also that was absolutely true. I intend I’m just fully jaded to those particular tactics. What ns didn’t mean to uncover was a video game that practically mirrors Amnesia in its format with a dash the BioShock’s atmosphere.

Backing up a bit, Bendy and the ink Machine is one episodic video game that deals with an artist’s work-related gone wrong. Your character, Henry, returns to his old computer animation studio at the inquiry of his friend, Joey Drew. Joey has actually something necessary to show you, but the true influence of what he means isn’t taken until you step right into Joey drew Studios. Other is plainly afoot together the ar is in full disarray.

Not just is the building falling apart, but it looks like someone to be prototyping a method to carry animations come life. The titular Bendy seems to have actually gotten loose and is going on a rampage, killing whoever comes in that is path. You’ll cracked this secret by walking about the studio, collecting objects, and solving a range of eco-friendly puzzles with some light combat mechanics thrown it.


Bendy’s very first episode released critical February and the next few episodes were fast to monitor (about 2 months apart, each). ~ that, the 4th took a little bit longer with the last episode encompassing practically the whole release expectancy of the game. Episode five still won’t be out till October, however it won’t it is in a pc exclusive when it does. Bendy and also the octopus Machine’s full story will certainly be accessible for Switch, Xbox One, and also PS4 ~ above October 12, 2018 (the same day as episode Five’s launch).

While it might be a total wash for me in regards to horror elements, I’m surprised as soon as these cult games offer more than simply YouTube fear reels, since they it seems ~ tailor produced that particular purpose. As with my initial thoughts on Amnesia before playing it, i figured Bendy to be a hit many thanks to the internet’s obsession with watching people scream top top camera. The very same as Amnesia before it, Bendy uses a lot more under the hood than simply some cheap scare value.

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If you want to shot the video game for yourself, the first episode is actually totally free on Steam. Subsequent episodes are $5.99 each, despite you have the right to nab a bundle that cut off 15% that the price. I might just have actually to give this a deeper look, due to the fact that I’m always down because that atmospheric puzzle adventure titles.