Chris Hardwick\"s wife, Lydia Hearst, is speak out about the allegations of abuse against her husband.

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Last week, 29-year-old actress Chloe Dykstra declared she to be a victim of emotional and also physical abuse by one ex-boyfriend in a first-person essay that went viral, title \"Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession.\" Dykstra did not name her alleged abuser, but did write that that was twenty years older 보다 her and also sober, which led countless to believe she was speaking about Hardwick.Hardwick has denied the allegations.

On Thursday, Hearst -- who\"s to be married come 46-year-old Hardwick since 2016 -- damaged her quiet on the allegationsand claimed she was standing in \"complete support\" of she husband.

\"This is not a explain in defense, this is a declare of defense,” Hearsttells ET.“Defense for every the women who have been sexually abused, raped, trafficked, and tortured; defense of every the people who this movement was began for. End the critical year the #MeToo movement has rightly aimed a spotlight straight on females whose stories needed to be told. As someone who has actually been involved in toxicity relationships in the past, I recognize firsthand the prestige of sharing this stories and do no take this case lightly.\"

“I have actually made the decision come come the end in support of my husband not out of obligation, however out of need to speak the truth around the human being I know,\" the explain continues. \"Chris is nothing yet loving and also compassionate and is the only person who has actually stood by me, never judged me, assisted me heal, and feel whole. To safeguard my husband would be offering credence to any kind of of these accusations. I will certainly not do that.\"

Hearst, 33, says \"the truth will constantly win.\"

\"Chris Hardwick is a an excellent man,” she says. “I continue to be in complete support of my husband, and I believe that the truth will constantly win. #TimesUp because I recognize my truth and also I think in early process.”

Meanwhile, Dykstra took to Twitter top top Wednesday to thank world for your support.

\"The human being who have actually come forward with both story validating mine, and stories of their own an individual experiences, have actually helped me immensely v my own healing process,\" she wrote. \"After year of therapy and rebuilding, your support has actually done so much an ext for me than every one of it combined.\"

In a statement to Deadline critical Friday, Hardwick vehemently denied ever before sexually assaulting Dykstra. Because the allegations, both Hardwick\"s AMC show, Talking with Chris Hardwick,and his san Diego Comic-Con appearance scheduled for following month were put on hold.

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\"These are very serious allegations and also not to it is in taken easy which is why I’ve bring away the job to take into consideration how come respond. I was heartbroken to review Chloe\"s post,\" Hardwick said. \"Our three-year connection was not perfect -- we were at some point not a good match and argued -- even shouted in ~ each other -- yet I loved her, and did my finest to uplift and also support her together a partner and companion in any method and at no time did ns sexually attack her.”

\"When we were living together, I found out that Chloe cheated ~ above me, and I ended the relationship,\" the continued. \"For numerous weeks after ~ we broke up, she inquiry me come get ago together v me and even said me she want to have kids with me, \"build a life\" v me and told me that ns was \"the one,\" but I walk not desire to be through someone that was unfaithful.\"

\"I\"m devastated to check out that she is now accusing me that conduct the did not occur. I was blindsided by her write-up and constantly wanted the best for her. Together a husband, a son, and future father, I carry out not condone any kind the mistreatment that women,\" Hardwick concluded.

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