Is Garnier Fructis excellent for your hair? If you desire a quick answer, it’s right here. And if you desire thorough info on why it could be bad (or good) for your hair, you’re on the ideal web page.

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The Garnier Fructis line uses a myriad of commodities to select from. These are largely shampoos. The exciting point is that all the assets are designed to repair and strengthen the hair.

I’ll be talking even more about the shampoos/conditioners in this article. So, let’s jump in:

The shampoos in the line all contain SLS sulfates, which are poor for hair. Thus, they might not be the best choice for someone via a sensitive scalp.

Also, they’re high in silicone content, which is a product that has actually a plastic/rubber origin. It’s mostly provided for hair smoothening yet can have a disastrous effect on your hair.

Yes, it have the right to make your hair shine. But it could be a fake shine, one that won’t last lengthy.

In order not to prolong the issue, I’ll favor to look at 2 certain products from the Garnier Fructis line. With this, I hope to cover some of the ingredients and also whether the product are worth it or not.

I think tbelow are 2 advantages to this.

The initially one is that it’ll aid answer your question. And the second is that it’ll help you decide if you want a Garnier Fructis or another brand.

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Let’s acquire started:

Is Garnier Fructis Bad for Your Hair? Kcurrently these Before Deciding


Yes and also no. The Garnier Fructis product line, specifically the shampoo and conditioner produced mixed results among individuals. Some users state that it causes breakage while others report seeing terrific results.

I think that the result you acquire when you use it counts on the type of your hair and also your very own unique condition.

So then:

Should you buy any type of of the Garnier Fructis products? It counts. Since human being gain different outcomes, I cannot especially tell you to go ahead and also buy or tell you to not bvarious other. The decision is yours to make after considering the above points.

Here is the thing though:

Just review via the reviews (on certain products) if you’re interested in the line. Don’t be swayed by just one or 2 though. Look for a general consensus on whether it’s poor or great and also make your decision based upon that.

Now, let’s look at the 2 lines I stated above…

The SOS Repair line

Here, I’ll be looking at the pros, cons, and also top quality of products in this line. According to the manufacturer, this is a hair repair treatment to stop separation ends and nourish the hair.

Let’s look at some of the benefits in detail.


What carry out users advantage from making use of the products?

For many type of women, the distinction is after the initially wash. Hair is softer and break-up ends disappear. After each usage, users report hair acquiring smoother and also shiner.

The treatment does not dry the scalp. Neither does the hair have actually any type of reactivity to it. Some proclaimed that after making use of the line for a certain duration, their hair becomes shiny and looking much better.

The treatment has a solid fragrant though. However, the scent is fruity and remains on the hair for a while.


The drawago of the product is that it can lead to hair breakage bereason of the silicone content. The percentage may be better in the product, compare to others.

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Masks With Natural Ingredients

Now that we’ve looked at the SOS repair line, we’ll follow up with this.

The other commodities in the line are masks with 98% herbal ingredients. No parabens. No silicones or fabricated colors. These masks are even more organic, compare to those in the SOS Repair Line.


After the initially use, customers view substantial differences: the skin is smooth and better looking. The skin is equally smooth. If you are a fan, that can increase your self-esteem — an included bonus.

They don’t make the skin feel greasy and also absorb quickly. They leave behind a wonderful scent and also moisturize decently.

Conclusion: Is Garnier Fructis Bad for Your Hair?

As you have the right to watch from the foregoing paragraphs, the Fructis line includes great and also not so good ingredients. That’s why tright here are blended reports about the efficiency of the commodities, particularly the shampoos and conditioners.

A lot of human being seem to have good outcomes via the conditioners. However, quite a variety of customers comsimple that their hair starts falling out after a while utilizing the shampoo.

However, as I stated above, this all relies on the hair type of the user.

I hope this short article has assisted you answer your question.

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