Do you suspect that your boyfriend has actually feelings for his ex? Or that he is growing feelings for her? Well, discover out here! My quiz has actually 99.99 percent accuracy and also it is sure to offer you the outcomes you need! Good luck, and also I hope you enjoy!

Does he still have actually feelings for her? Do you want/need to discover out? Well, just scroll down a tiny little bit and start my quiz. I hope you enjoy! No rude comments, and also if you"re rude to me, I"ll be rude back! That"s a promise. But anyways, please comment and also tell me just how I did! Thanks for taking, and I hope you gain positive results. Love you all! xoxo-Kaylyn Renae Jones

Created by: Kaylyn Renae Jones

Okay, to begin off, does he have actually her as a friend on Facebook, or is he complying with her on Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

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Yes I don"t know NoHave you ever gone via his Facebook, or social netjob-related account and experienced messages in between the 2 of them? Yes I have actually never gone on his social network account. I trust him! NoIf you answered no to the question over, then skip this question. If you answered yes, then answer this.What were they talking about? Me. Getting back together. How much they miss out on hanging out They were simply asking each various other exactly how they were doing, basically simply catching up. OtherDoes he have actually her number conserved in his phone? Yes.. I don"t understand, I don"t go through his belongings! NoAre you friends through his ex? Yes, she"s pretty cool.. Kinda.. No, I hate her!Does he lug her up in a conversation you 2 may be having? Yes Sometimes NoHow long did they date? 1 day - 1 month 1 month - 6 months 6 months - 1 year 1 year - 3 years 3 years + I honestly do not know.Do they hang out? Yes I don"t know NoAll appropriate, so um, pizza? PIZZA! WHERE? I like Unicorns.. One Direction is much better than Unicorns and Pizza! I"m scared for my outcome.. Oh lawd Jesus, it"s a fahr! xD Heyyyy!Do you think he has actually feelings for her? Like, honestly. Yes Kinda No

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