Loyalty: that was a key component that Ken McNickle’s strategy ~ above Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X. Although Adam Klein won unanimously, Ken McNickle told us on the red carpet that he to be expecting several votes to swing his means at the last Tribal Council. He likewise revealed an ext behind his decision to blindside David and also explained why he refuse the possibility to contend on Survivor as soon as he was first offered the chance ago in 2012.

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princetoneclub.org: to walk us through your strategy. Did girlfriend think commitment would play together a large part of her game?

Ken McNickle: I’m loyal to a fault. It’s among those points you try not to make a fault. In the service world this days, everyone says, “It’s simply business. It’s not personal.” We build these concepts that we’ve gotta it is in superficial, cutthroat and an animal if you want to success in life. I desire to show civilization you don’t need to do that. Girlfriend don’t have to be deceitful, girlfriend don’t need to manipulate and also you don’t have to be throat to succeed in life. It can get you temporary success, yet that old success the really pole happens v trust. The game has developed into such a cutthroat video game where at time it almost seems cutthroat just for the sake of being cutthroat. There are moves that make no feeling that room made simply because people desire that reputation. They want, as will certainly said, a résumé. I’m not around that, yet I’m additionally a fighter and also a warrior. I knew the at some suggest in the game, ns was walk to need to make a really an overwhelming decision. I was just lucky the didn’t occur until the an extremely end the the game.

Image: CBSSK: go you intend a unanimous vote for Adam?

KM: ns didn’t suppose it to it is in a blowout vote. I’ve had human being come up since and also say, “Had i watched the season first, had actually I well-known what friend did ~ above Gen-X and how you acquired to the merge and flew under the radar to gain that bull’s-eye come come under ” That first day ~ above the merge, Jay and Taylor to be talking about getting me out. The following challenge, i came earlier and used my shirt as a sling and wincing with how much mine shoulder hurt. Ns was fine, however I made it a point to display them i wasn’t a threat. In ~ the end of the game, chris expressed how impressed he to be for Adam to to convince Ken to upper and lower reversal on Dave. Yet Chris said tonight, “You walk that. Sorry.” What ns did wasn’t together clear as I would’ve favored it to it is in in the game, however if you watch it you can see what ns was doing. I guess i should’ve had actually a little much more ego in the video game to speak up and also toot my horn a small bit much more so world would’ve recognized what ns was doing. But, again, that’s no me and it would’ve been hard to do.

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Image: CBSSK: prior to Jeff Probst revealed the to win votes on live TV, exactly how confident to be you?

KM: There’s constantly still hope, right? till something is definite, there’s always hope. Maybe I’m overly optimistic, however who knows? That’s type of how I am. There’s always that glimmer the hope. Yet after the first couple of were for Adam, ns knew the was it.

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Image: CBSSK: just how did you acquire on the show?

KM: ns was constantly a pan of the early on seasons, however I went turn off the network for around six years. I didn’t have TV or cable for almost 12 years, which i loved. V some connections at CBS, in 2012 lock asked me to be on <Survivor: Philippines> appropriate in the center of a football season where I was coaching young youngsters who are used to civilization not fulfilling what they to speak they’re walking to execute for them. I had to speak no, and also I turned down a chance at $1 million to it is in a coach to several of the most amazing children I’ve ever met. Around a year ago, they got to out again. They experienced the adjust in mine life and it all functioned out.

Image: CBS

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