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I was getting this question, so I thought I would certainly share my own experience making use of both specifying Gel and Stretch mark Cream – and what the difference between them are!

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What is defining Gel?

We room all about Healthy Skin! What room your greatest skin concerns?

Enhance your tightening, toning, and firming outcomes with this deep moisturizing, human body contouring gel. Specifying Gel help to firm difficulty areas, such together the abdomen, legs, and also upper arms, while improving skin texture.

Improves skin texture & tightnessRedefines the figure of her body’s contoursSoftens and hydrates the skin

This gel deserve to be used everyday to assist you get quick results and love her skin.

Which of these issues you can use specifying Gel to aid with:

– Cellulite– Varicose veins– Spider veins– Eczema– Psoriasis– Sunburns– bug Bites– Scars


What is Stretch note Cream?

Stretch note Cream is a deep hydration because that all her skin through the nourishing botanicals of this non-greasy moisturizing human body cream that pipeline your skin emotion soft and smooth and also looking much more youthful.

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Enhances skin elasticity and also firmnessBalances skin tone v nourishing botanicalsRejuvenates and hydrates in a non-greasy formulaRestores your skin’s youthful appearance

The Stretch mark Cream minimizes the illustration of large marks, good lines, and other skin scarring through this moisturizing human body cream. Helps greatly with C-Section scars.


Throughout my pregnant I have actually used both of these (in different locations for various reasons!) and also I’m therefore thankful that I have such amazing assets that I have the right to feel good about using as my body is growing and changing! ns hope this helps you check out which one might be the best an option for you – or both!