Rev. Derek Terry who was featured top top the three component season five premiere of the Iyanla, deal with My Life Show: an enig Life as a Gay minister episodes on the Oprah Winfrey Network is currently featured on CNN's brand-new millennial news network "Great large Story" ( Due to the fact that coming very own to a congregation that his family and also hometown community, Rev. Derek has come to be a beacon that hope, inspiration, and also encouragement for individuals striving to live in their truth.

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Cincinnati, Ohio,February 18, 2016( -​​In October the 2015, the Oprah Winfrey Networked Aired an episode of the compensation winning Iyanla, settle My Life display where ordained minister Rev. Derek terrycloth stood before a congregation the his church, family, and friends and also spoke the words, " ns am a black, gay, man who ministers." (See the write-up featured in Gawker for an ext info). This episode garnered few of the greatest ratings in the show"s 5 season history. Recently, CNN"s brand-new millennial news network, an excellent Big Story, interviewed Rev. Derek to record up v him and also his congregation (full function story here). Although the church is 140 years old, mostly white, and also once really conservative they rental a young, black, openly happy pastor and also LOVE HIM! 

Great big Story: ​A new online network owned by CNN the provides short interesting videos v their website (, mobile app, and CNN.

Recently CNN"s new millennial news network, an excellent Big Story, interviewed Rev. Derek, pastor of St. Peter"s UCC in Cincinnati, oh to catch up with him and also his congregation four months after his coming the end was aired ~ above the Oprah Winfrey Network. Back the church is 140 year old, primarily white, and also once an extremely conservative they hired a young, black, openly happy pastor and also LOVE HIM!

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The Church:  Rev. Derek is at this time the head minister of the St. Peter"s joined Church of Christ in Cincinnati, Ohio. The church was established in 1876 as a German Evangelical and Reformed church. At an early stage church solutions were every in German, climate an English service was included in the 1920"s. The church to be 100% white until the 1990"s and also hired it"s very first black assistant minister in the mid 2000"s. The church even used host minstrel reflects in the 1940"s and 1950"s where members pull on in black face (photos room available). Rev. Derek is the very first black head minister of the once an extremely conservative and also once every white congregation. Rev. Derek is also the very first openly gay minister at the church. The church is multicultural and multiracial (about 60% white 35% black). The members of the church are from a range of political beliefs too (many democrats and republicans in the church). The average age of a church member is 63 year old. Even though the church is complete of old, white, conservative christians they hired and also absolutely LOVE their young, black, openly gay pastor. The worship solutions are lively. The sermons room thought-provoking. Two individuals did leave after Rev. Derek came out top top the Oprah Winfrey Network but more have involved be apart of the church. The congregation is proud of their pastor and proud of the job-related he does. The church is steadily cultivation and adding younger families and individuals to the fold. They attribute lot of their new success and motivated soul to the energy and also excitement the Rev. Derek"s ministry.

After the Show: Since coming the end on national television, Rev Derek proceeds to live walking in his truth. He has amassed an ever growing and also thriving following on society media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/Snapchat/Periscope). The is likewise the founder of the hashtag, #BlastTheStigma, which encourages individuals to write-up positive photos that strike typically stigmatized neighborhoods especially those in ~ the LGBTQ neighborhood of color. Rev. Derek newly Released his first book, God Loves Me and So execute I, (2015 RDTM Publishing). Rev. Derek likewise works to assist LGBTQ college students of shade across the country, since he understands the LGBTQ students of shade have various needs than their white counterparts. Many notably, Rev. Derek has actually helped establish a scholarship money for black color LGBT students at his alma mater, the college of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. On may 6, 2016 in Louisville, KY that will organize the inaugural Kentucky Derby Scholarship Shake, a fundraiser gala to raise money because that the Dawn Wilson Scholarship money for black color LGBT students at the college of Louisville.

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