Jennifer Lopez transforms heads.The Hollywood A-Lister has actually been doing so ever since she arrived at the 2000 Grammy’s put on the currently infamous environment-friendly Versace dress, for this reason it’s a surprise to no one once it…


Jennifer Lopez turns heads.

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The Hollywood A-Lister has been doing so ever since she arrived at the 2000 Grammy’s wearing the currently infamous eco-friendly Versace dress, for this reason it’s a surprised to no one when it come time to celebrate she birthday, Ms. Lopez went every out.

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Wearing a black Bao Tranchi mid-thigh length dress, through sheer paneling to present off her renowned backside, J come the L-O showed 46 have the right to be flawless.

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Arriving at new York’s 1Oak night club v on-again-off-again boyfriend choreographer Casper Smart, resources say Jenny from the block danced and also partied all night.

Incredible night celebrating
jlo ‘s birthday

— 1 OAK NYC (
1OAKNYC) July 26, 2015

While the American Idol referee may have taken a work off, she’ll be earlier to work-related preparing for her las Vegas residency set to kick off at the height of 2016, and filming she NBC cop-drama Shades that Blue in i beg your pardon she plays a single mother and detective for the FBI’s anti-corruption job force.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer, now pardon united state while we perform a push up.

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