Did u clock the Percy Jackson film series? Then opportunities are the you recognize Jake Abel. He illustrated the role of Luke Castellan. He is additionally prominent for his role as Adam Milligan in the CW collection Supernatural.

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Jake Abel Biography

Jake was born as Jacob Allen Abel on November 18, 1987, in Canton, Ohio, the son of Kim and also Mike Abel. Abel has actually a brother called Scott. As a kid, Abel was homeschooled by his mother Kim. He is that German, Swiss-German, and English descent.

As a kid, Abel started starring in commercials. ~ graduating from high school, he started acting professionally in 2005. He started his carer appearing in three episodes of the TV series Threshold. Additionally in 2005, Abel gained a duty in the Disney Channel original Movie Go Figure. He ongoing starring in various other Disney productions including an episode of The Suite Life that Zack & Cody.

He additionally appeared in episodes of Cold case and CSI: Miami. In 2008, he had actually a small duty in Strange Wilderness and also appeared in the indie movie Tru Loved. Abel also had a duty in Flash the Genius for which he to be honored in ~ the with a rising Star award at the 16th Hamptons international Film Festival.

He showed up in The beloved Bones, a film adjusted from Alice Sebold’s novel. He appeared in the 2009 web series, point of view of Death. From 2009 to 2010, Abel play the recurring role of Adam Milligan/Michael in Supernatural.

Abel would gain the best break the his career in 2010 when he landing the duty of Luke Castellan in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. His role earned that an MTV Movie compensation for finest Fight and Teen an option Award for best Fight.

He reprised his function in the 2013 sequel, Percy Jackson: Sea that Monsters. Abel played in the 2011 teen scientific research fiction activity thriller film, I to be Number Four. Regardless of the negative reviews native critics, the film regulated to make thrice of its budget from the global box office.

Abel portrayed Ian O’Shea in the 2013 romantic science fiction thriller film, The Host, adapted from Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer’s novel the the very same name. Abel’s other films include; Against the sunlight (2014), Good death (2014), Love and also Mercy (2014), and Almost friends (2016). In recent years, Jake Abel has slowed under on his acting, however, attending the 2018 gold Globes compensation and additionally made it come the ~ party.

Relationship with Selena Gomez

There have actually been searches online around Selena Gomez’s connection with a certain Abel, however, the Abel is no Jake but Abel Tesfaye better known through his phase name The Weeknd. Selena and Abel started dating in January 2017, but broke up in October 2017, a couple of weeks after moving in together.


Other Facts

1. Jake Abel is a married man.

Jake top top November 9, 2013, bound the knot v screenwriter Allie hardwood whom he has actually known due to the fact that they were teens. Few of her works include Color Me Olsen (2007) and Anna dressed in Blood, Alone (2009). She is additionally an editor that Style file Daily. The couple on brand-new Year’s night in time Square, new York.

According to people rep, to be a romantic one, organized in brand-new Orleans, and also of course, a brass tape was involved. Wood wore a strapless Monique Lhuillier gown if Abel looked dapper in a Prada suit.

The couple never hesitates come gush around each other on their corresponding social media pages.

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2. Abel loves cooking which he describes as a “refined art. Sophisticated and noble.”

3. The is great friends with his The hold co-star Max Irons, and Kyle Gallner.

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4. Jake Abel stands at 6 feet 1inches (1.85 m) tall.

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