Ahhhh i didn't realize how long and dull my summer to be (jkjkjkjk) till the clock to win 9 last night and also my favourite Latin Lover VoG welcomed me ago to woman Gloríana Villanueva's world. Miami, I've missed you!


I'm going come crib (lol) native myself from the season finale recap and also hand this award out to the entirety Villanueva(/Solano/De La Vega) clan, with an additional warm honorable point out to Michael. It's the premiere, people! Time to come together and love everyone, no need to play favorites.

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Who am i kidding? Jane and Xo space my favorites:



It have to be noted that this hamburger-stuffing became a household affair, Alba stepping in as soon as Xo was too tired. And who knows who else! the takes a (Villanueva) village.

LVP to Rose, the course, because that threatening her stepson's just child (among a thousand other things).


Okay honestly ns didn't feel like any kind of of the capital-T twisted were unforeseen (well, except for Nadine gift the one managing the baby-brooch exchange, yet I think the one is much more on my devastating memory 보다 on legit shock value). However, i *was* surprised through Jane's equipment to the religious zealots camping the end on she front lawn: call the nuns' bluffs on their willingness to take that one sleazy step too far by making Jane's virginity a issue of windy debate. "That would be a little archaic, don't you think?" BOOM. Nicely done, Jane!


Obviously,obviously, adult diapers.




Jane the Virgin, telling it choose it is because 2014.


Jane, a virgin, was artificially inseminated with rich bro hotelier Rafael's last sperm sample, by his warm mess OBGYN sister, Luisa, that was secretly dating her very own stepmother, Rose, who consequently was covertly the notorious and deadly crimelord, Sin Rostro. When Jane and Raf realized they were (possibly) in love, Jane broke off she engagement v goofball police detective, Michael, and Raf finished his (already toxic) marital relationship with machinating fake-identitied Petra. As soon as the civilization discovered Rose's identification (after increased offed Luisa's dad/her husband), Rose got in hiding, Luisa went on one ashram bender, and Raf went off the "my dad's heritage tho" deep end and also broke up v Jane. Woman dove deep right into the need of gift a strong solitary mother, leaning on her own solitary mom, Xo, and also abuela, Alba, because that support. Only, Xiomara's no so single! transforms out she gained drunk-married to Jane's telenovela star dad, Rogelio, by a Cher personification in las vegas the night before Jane entered labor! Whoops!

Anyway, currently Jane's had actually her baby, Mateo—the first boy come buck the long legacy of Villanueva girl babies—and everyone can lastly take a breath. No opportunity of any kind of shenanigans continue now, right? Like, zero possibility that increased would stick her haute couture heels right into Jane's business and also like,kidnap her infant or anything, right???

(Obviously the is specifically what happened.)(On to the show!)


Finding Mateo

Yes—Rose walk away Mateo! Or in ~ least, a fake nurse acting on Rose's instead of did. Right out the the hospital! It was super horrifying and also awful. But, as Baby!Jane had actually the promise of she telenovela heroine's eventual happiness laid out for she in that telenovela's design template song, therefore too have actually we had the promise the Jane's ultimate happiness laid out for us in this season's promotion materials:



And therefore Mateo is gone, but not for long. Since Rose's endgame isn't gaining manage of the Marbella (as 33% of you guessed in our last poll of Season 1), no one is it vengeance (as 25% guessed): the is the immediate return that the diamond dragonfly brooch that Luisa took the critical time she observed ("saw") Rose. Since of course it is! Telenovela rogue logic. We'd desire nothing less. And also so also as Jane and Raf are catatonic as the hospital employee goes into overdrive tracing the fake nurse's last moves, increased herself is phone call (Worst?) Detective Michael Cordero and offering the a deal.

"Do the police also MAKE faces kidnappers???" Raf and every one of us desire to know. Nope! however (Worst) Detective Michael Cordero was not called in his volume as police, but rather in his capacity as (Best) friend of Villanueva clan…who additionally just wake up to have access to the Miami PD's evidence locker. Is that going to do the mystery deal? He's walk to make the an enig deal! Too bad you cut your old dirty cop companion loose, Cordero—would be nice to have actually someone rather to do your dirty cop work, eh?

Thankfully for Michael's ethics, someone else stole the dragonfly brooch before he also got there. Who, girlfriend ask?



Luisa, that course, to include to her shoebox arsenal of climbed memories (fuzzy handcuffs and also powdered mini donuts included). And of food her existing girlfriend, Juicy Jones the the spectacle boxing fame, latches top top the part where Luisa's been maintaining a mementos box of her psychopath ex ("um, SOCIOPATH," Luisa unwisely interjects) and also NOT onto the part where the police require the one item of evidence earlier for their very important investigation, and also tosses the whole organization out the window and into the Marbella pool.

Which is best where Jane, toddling along after Michael and also Rafael choose the BAMF baby-rescuing new mom ~ above a parenting schedule the she is, find it. And also so, dumb diamond dragonfly doodad ultimately in hand, our 3 intrepid heroes do it to the abandoned church rendezvous Michael set up to retrieve Mateo indigenous Rose's metaphorical/Nadine's literal meaning clutches.

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"Do girlfriend SEE?" Nadine demands, hanging on come Mateo until she watch the items in Michael's hands. "This is what she does! This is why ns did what ns did! She provides it so that you can't speak no!" and also now here's Michael, holding in his hand the microchip containing all the information about every criminal whose challenge Rose secretly, surgically changed, can not to speak No. He hand it over. Nadine hands end Mateo. Michael leaves the church a hero. Nadine leaves the church a fugitive. Raf and also Jane, castle run.