Actress and singer Janelle Monáe may constantly rock a black and white “uniform,” but at the 2017 gold Globe awards, she amped up the standard hues in a practice Armani Privé gown. “We were trying to find something the was no typical,” Monáe’s stylist Maeve Reilly tells Style. “We really wanted particular elements: A high-low hem, volume. We began with the silhouette basically. Ours keywords to be ‘graphic,’ ‘youthful,’ ‘fun,’ and also ‘unique.'”

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In order to create Monáe’s whimsical dress, the team at Armani traction from the archives. “They had actually a polka period in a collection from a couple of years ago, so that netted overlay through the round paillettes existed already,” discover Reilly. The cloth actually showed up on the runway in Paris throughout the Armani Privé autumn 2014 Couture present (below).



“We obtained to job-related with the facets they already had and tie in what us wanted: The high-low, the volume, and the chop bodice, i beg your pardon was in reality a human body suit,” states Reilly.

To go in addition to the standout dress, Reilly piled on numerous rings. “We’ve never ever not excellent that,” claims Reilly the Monáe’s ridge of Forevermark pieces. “The factor why we originally did the rings was due to the fact that her looks offered to it is in so monochrome, prefer a black color suit or a white suit. For this reason the rings provided it a small pop and included a girly element to the classic tuxedo.”

Since Monáe is in 2 critically acclaimed films this awards season — golden Globe Best snapshot winner Moonlight and Hidden figures — we’ll be seeing she on many more red carpets than usual, however that doesn’t median she’ll stray from her signature black-and-white shade palette.

“It’s certainly not changing,” says Reilly of Monáe’s go-to look. “And ns wouldn’t desire it to. It’s actually an ext creatively challenging, and much more fulfilling. And also I wouldn’t desire it any other way. We’ve literally been reinventing the very same things over and also over again for every these years. I really think it’s for this reason dope and it’s simply an honor to be a part of her brand.”

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