Canadian actress, Kristin Laura Kreuk, is perhaps finest known for her function as Lana Lang in the superhero collection ‘Smallville’, which she illustrated for a total of ten years from 2001 to 2011. In spite of captivating audiences with her beauty as Clark Kent’s early love interest, the talented Chinese-Canadian actress had made her tv debut in the teen drama ‘Edgemont’.

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Kristin has likewise starred in numerous films during her rise to fame, which has credits such together ‘Snow White: Fairest of them All’, and ‘Street Fighter: The Legend the Chun-Li’.

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Following her success in ‘Smallville’, the 37-year-old actress went on to feature in leading roles of several an ext television productions, including the Sci-fi collection ‘Beauty and The Beast’, and ‘The burden of Truth’.

Born in Vancouver, brother Columbia, Canada, ~ above 30 December 1982, Kristin hails from a mixed family of Dutch and Chinese ancestry. Her parents, Peter Kreuk and also Deanna Che operated as see architects, and raised your daughters Kristin and her younger sister Justine, in one of the largest cities that Canada.

During her institution years, Kristin got training in gymnastics and also karate, but due come a spinal condition known together scoliosis, her training ended in 11th grade.

While at school, Kristin wanted to research either psychology or forensic science, yet fate presented her come acting, after a casting agent recruited her for the filming the ‘Edgemont’.

Despite her different hopes, Kristin nevertheless made a success of she sudden development to acting, making it an overwhelming to imagine ‘Smallville’ there is no her.

Besides her acting, Kristin also models for Neutrogena, and noted the voice that Princess Shuyan in the graphics novel ‘Shuyan Saga’. Unlike countless other starlets, Kristin’s love life seldom grabs the fist of tabloid writers, as the ‘Eurotrip’ actress keeps her private life securely secret.


The details of Kristin’s just recorded relationship, through Canadian actor and musician note Hildreth, appears as obscure as the rest of her an individual life. Follow to some sources, they are still a couple and have actually been together for virtually seventeen years, but others case they finished their partnership in 2008.

While many of the sources seem unreliable, the relationship nevertheless happened, and also things certainly showed up serious when they bought a home together in 2011. Follow to the most accurate reports, the pair met sometime between 2000 and 2004, and also after very first dating for eight months, ended the relationship due to busy schedules.

During the moment Mark and also Kristin separated, she date Jensen, but later rekindled she romance with Mark. Their connection resumed because that an undisclosed size of time, but due to the obscurity that her exclusive life, it’s tough to determine just how long the connection lasted.

The final ending of their relationship happened because of the NXIVM scandal, in which mark played a bigger component than his girlfriend.

For those who don’t know, NXIVM to be a united state multi-level marketing scheme which turned into a sex cult. According to most reports, Kristin ended the connection after note refused to leave the organisation.

However, after ~ the pair split in 2012, neither offered an official reason for the break-up.

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The most recent reports around Kristin’s love life says that most accounts that her personal life could be bogus. Follow to the recent rumours, Kristin has actually been dating a writer of her latest show ‘Burden the Truth’ because that the past four years. The guy in inquiry is both a sound engineer and scriptwriter right now working on ‘The load of Truth’, and also goes by the name Eric Putzer, yet any other details about him continue to be obscure.