Jessica Simpson sparked significant backlash when she post a picture via Instagram of she 5-year-old daughter Maxwell attract a bikini and also posing with a hand on her hip.

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While the 36-year-old fashion mogul was attempting to encourage “safety first” by special Maxwell in a helmet, many viewers were outraged the the mother of two would enable such picture of the children attire walk public.

“There civilization out there who are evil and unfortunately have to be careful,” commented one fan.

“Please lock under the images like this to only true friends,” wrote another follower. “There space disgusting world out there who would use this photo for negative things. Never short article pictures the young girls in shower suits for the public to see!”

“That’s simply not ideal there space too plenty of child molesters for she to write-up something like that,” chimed another. “It’s no cute that dangerous, that doesn’t matter how countless security girlfriend have. Beginning her out just how to manipulate men! no a great look in ~ all.”

However, Simpson did have actually several supporters.

“Get end yourselves, she is a young girl having actually fun,” commented one viewer. “If you find anything disturbing in the snapshot you space the one who needs help.”

“It’s sad the nowadays mother can’t article pictures of their children having a great time there is no receiving hate,” wrote a fan.

“I’m i m really sorry that world have come sexualize her daughter and try to make you feel bad around something fun and innocent,” added another commenter.

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Some pendant pointed out numerous other children make comparable poses. Others were an ext interested in wherein Simpson to buy the swimsuit.




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