For as lengthy as I can remember, the birth of Jesus has constantly been central to Christmas. My family members had a nativity set, and also each year we arranged Mary, Joseph, and the animals in the stable. But we would not include baby Jesus till Christmas day. Everyone in my family wanted to be the one-of-a-kind one to location baby Jesus in ~ the center of the nativity.

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It wasn’t simply at Christmas that ns waited to placed Jesus at the center. Unfortunately, that became a template in my life.

For many years, there were people roughly me who told me about the saving love that Jesus Christ. Part were friends, and also once it was a pastor sitting next to me top top a trip who invite me to expropriate Jesus ideal then and also there in ~ 30,000 feet in the air! i wasn’t ready. Ns was act all ideal on my own. My career to be going great; ns was an executive, management at Procter & Gamble. I had a exorbitant family.

But deep inside, ns knew it wasn’t enough. A good friend at P&G ended up being my spiritual mentor, and also he to be the one that invited me come a Promise keepers conference in Dallas in 2002. As soon as I walked right into the stadion filled with 14,000 men, every singing and worshipping God, the was completely unfamiliar — and very uncomfortable. What am i doing here? i wondered.

Then the band played a song I had actually never heard before. The lyrics said, “Here ns am to praise / right here I am to bow down / here I am to say that you’re my God.” Tears began rolling down my face. Ns realized I had never bowed down to anyone. It had always been all around me.

In that an effective moment, i bowed down and also began the journey of recommitting my life come Christ. And that readjusted everything. Because then, my journey has been among pressing into Jesus much more and more.

It transformed how I led mine family and lived my daily life. And also it led to me come seek opportunities to offer the Lord. That’s what brought me and also my wife, Leiza, to civilization Vision in 2015, leaving a for-profit company to walk to a “for-impact” ministry the cares for the negative in the name of Christ.

Now ns realize what a wonder it is the someone prefer me — who, as a kid in Latin America, as soon as experienced hardship — could end up being the chairman of this world-changing organization. God was always at work-related in my life, prepare me.

World Vision’s founder and all the people Vision presidents prior to me prayed: “Let my love be broken with the points that rest the heart of God.”

That is the prayer of who pressing right into Jesus. We recognize Jesus loves all people, no matter who us are, and that he has compassion for children and also the poor. When we love him, us care about those that loves too.

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This Christmas, together you celebrate how much God love this people — so lot that he placed Jesus at the center of human history — it’s the perfect time come ask yourself, “Is Jesus at the center of mine life?”

Edgar Sandoval Sr. Ended up being president of people Vision U.S. On Oct. 1, 2018. Monitor him in ~