Everyone loves to dislike on the Dillards but, let’s it is in real, God is most likely going to“bless” them again soon. When, girlfriend ask? Let’s examine the data.

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Standard Deviation

Jill + Derick space a little unpredictable, however; prior to Gideon’s arrival 273 days after delight + Austin’s wedding, Izzy had actually the document for more quickly post–nuptial arrival, at 289 Days. (Runner–Up: Now, it’s Israel… prior to Gideon bumped Izz come #2, it was spurgeon Seewald, at 389 Days. That’s 100 work longer!)


NOTE: every the dates in between 4–13–18 and also 1–28–20 are additionally probable, it is in we’ll usage those two to stand for the earliest and latest probable arrival because that Dilly #3.

When will certainly The Dillards announce ?

Many normal, non–Duggar humans host off ~ above announcing your pregnancies for a certain variety of weeks—often, till the end of the first trimester. Suspect Duggars, Bates, etc., at the very least resemble typical humans, I usage due date—and together such, gestational age—to guess as soon as they’ll announce your pregnancies. Through that in mind, let’slook in ~ how quickly the Dillards often tend to share your news…


Sam’s Announcement

Meanwhile, the Dillard family members announced Jill’s 2nd pregnancy on December 20, 2016, again via a people exclusive. Through Sam, Jill never revealed she due date, past saying she to be due“in July.” Duggar family Blog—a blog operation by friends of the Duggars—reported that Dillard #2 was due in“early July,” so I set Jill’s due date as July 8, 2017, halfway in between July 1 and also “mid–July” (July 15). (Coincidentally, it’s also Sam’s actual birthdate.) making use of a July 8, 2017 estimated due date, Jill announced onDay 80 that 280—i.e., at 11 Weeks, 3 work along.


Based on Izzy’s and also Sam’s data, the median (mean) Dillard pregnancy reveal occurs at Day 72 the 280—or, once Jill is 10 Weeks, 2 job along. This different a bit, by a SD of 11 Days. Thus, Jill will probably (68%) announcement Dillard 3 when she is 61–83 job along.

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So, how around birth date? walk Jill supply on–time, on day 280? Actually, no: Izzy hold the record for recent Duggar arrival, at 13 job Late. Admittedly, Sam was ideal on–time, if the was certainly due 7–8-17. Still, this means Jill delivers 7 work later, on average. (Yes, it’s in reality 6.5 Days. V dates, I always round approximately the integer.)

Above, we calculated 3 probable arrival dates. Due to the fact that Jill generally delivers 7 job late, we subtract 7 job from each to get corresponding due dates…

Dillard #3: Probable early Dates

4–6–2018 (Early end of Probable)

1–8–2019 (Exactly Average)

1–21–2020 (Late end of Probable)


Assuming Dillard #3 is not specifically average, statistics speak it’s no improbable for him to come as soon as April 13, 2018—nine days native now! Obviously, that’s rationally not very likely, so let’s look in ~ the other finish of probable: Dilly 3 can arrive together late together January 28, 2020, while maintaining in the probable range. In that case, Jill + Derick will more than likely announce mid–June come July 2019, v a 6–27–19 day being average.

Given Jill’s complicated labors and also all the complications bordering Samuel’s birth, ns hope she spacing will certainly be ~ above the late finish of probable—or also later. But, also, ns wouldn’t be surprised by a June announcement. We’ll see!