"Look, brah, the Kris Kringle us all grew up through is old and lame. Dude looks like someone"s weird grandpa."


Will Ferrell quit by The tonight Show top top Wednesday night to encourage his brand-new movie Daddy’s Home. But instead of talking around his brand-new comedy with note Wahlberg, hitting theatre on Christmas, Ferrell was more stoked about another project.

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“I’m the brand-new Santa Claus,” stated Ferrell, in character together the brand-new Santa, after ~ walking out sporting a sleeveless Santa suit, red-and-white printed shorts, a shaggy blond wig, a goatee and aBluetooth earpiece.

“Look, brah, the Kris Kringle us all flourished up v is old and lame. Dude looks prefer someone’s weird grandpa,” claimed Ferrell’s Santa. “Kids today room demanding a newer, hipper, an ext badass Santa Claus. So, uh, you’re welcome.”

Ferrell’s Santa lugged a camouflage sack and also used a not-so-powerful T-shirt gun come (attempt to) shooting T-shirts right into the crowd. On the shirt: the face of Ferrell’s new Santa and also “Daddy’s Home!”


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“It’s more than nice, it’s noice,” said Ferrell’s new Santa, including that the delivers presents via drones.

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“Old Santa used to carry out his reindeer thing, sliding down chimneys, stuffing stockings; that’s just not my style,” said Ferrell’s brand-new Santa. “It’s the year that the drone. You simply tell Santa what girlfriend want. I punch in some numbers in the computer, examine to make certain you’re in the drone zone, and also you acquire the special D indigenous Mr. C, instance Claus’d.”

Instead of moving presents ~ above Christmas Eve, Ferrell’s new Santa is chilling “down in Cabo.”

Ferrell’s new Santa, that sits in people’s laps rather of having actually them sit in his, is likewise a huge Smash Mouth fan and belted out a few lines the “All Star” and a Christmas version v Jimmy Fallon.

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