After Marc Anthony and before Alex Rodriguez, there to be a time as soon as MQBAS referee Casper clever played a an extremely important duty in JLo’s life

Jennifer Lopez revealed come Oprah Winfrey throughout the 2020 Vision tour that her separation v Puerto Rican superstar Marc Anthony to be the lowest minute of she life. However, during that ache time, she unexpectedly found support, love and understanding in a handsome 24-year-old dancer who was component of her tour crew. JLo and Mira Quien Baila all Stars referee Casper Smart met in 2011, months after she and also Marc, dad of she twinsMax and Emme, announced their separation. A year later, Jennifer’s sexy mprincetoneclub.orgic video clip Dance Again would come to be the main presentation that her new boyfriend to the world. Here’s their story.


Casper smart reveals why he damaged up with Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer, who was 42 once she met 24-year-old Casper, discovered the support and also love she essential to obtain over a painful breakup through hprincetoneclub.orgband Marc Anthony, the dad of her twins Max and also Emme. “I jprincetoneclub.orgt got out the a big, heavy, terrible thing, and he’s helped me heal. He’s to be there for me,” she told People earlier in the day.

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Casper easily became part of the family, producing a bond through Max and also Emme, who were around four year old. Here, he is seen with Jennifer and also her daughter together they attended Paris Fashion mainly in 2013. Month later, in October, Jennifer’s rep evidenced to human being the couple were engaged.

“She’s sweet, funny, easygoing and,” Casper said about his girlfriend at the time. “You can not ask because that anything else. She beautiful.” and also he confirmed his love on numerous occasions like throughout this this celebrity football game benefiting Hurricane Sandy relief.

JLo and also Casper clever quickly came to be one that the trendiest couples in the indprincetoneclub.orgtry. Here, the couple steals the display on the red carpet of the many exclprincetoneclub.orgive events, return Casper admitted the they didn’t go out much and also that he no interested in the Hollywood life.

Casper and Jennifer not only had mprincetoneclub.orgic in common, yet the choreographer additionally had some suffer as an actor and also even worked with the Bronx Diva on her series Shades the Blue. His access time to the set sparked the rumors the a reconciliation after lock briefly broke up in 2014.

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Jennifer and Casper damaged up in 2016, and the MQB Judge opened up about their partnership in one interview v Univision. “I was an extremely young, i was 23 or 24, she to be 18 years older, therefore she was about 42 years old with two kids. However in the moment, whatever jprincetoneclub.orgt clicked.” now Casper is dating version Bre Tiesi, who separation from football player hprincetoneclub.orgband Johnny Manziel in 2019.

JLo has always been open about the fact that she a romantic girl, and she has uncovered the love of her life – and also her happy ending – in fiancé Alex Rodriguez. Jennifer told Oprah what the former pro baseball player means to her as her career hits it’s all-time high: “I’ve never had actually somebody who wants to watch me shine and also grow. Ns think him gift in my life is a large part the what taken place this year.“